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    Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/factbox-t-rowe-price-sheds-143237202.html

    (Reuters) - T. Rowe Price, once the second-largest investor in Tesla Inc after Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk, has shed most of its stake in the electric carmaker in a series of transactions over the last two quarters.

    Funds managed by T. Rowe Price Group Inc owned a 10.12 percent stake in Tesla as of September. It sold roughly half of that stake in the quarter ended December and 92 percent of its remaining stake in the following quarter.
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    So doing the maths:
    • 10.12% / 2 ~= 5.06%
    • 5.06 - (5.06% * 92%) ~= 5.06% - 4.66% = 0.4%
    In effect, T. Rowe Price has lost their ability to sell down TSLA stock. What I find curious is this happened over a six month period with no earlier reports.

    T. Rowe, which managed more than $1 trillion in assets, started investing in Tesla in 2015 and the electric carmaker said in 2016 it was among its top five investors.

    This explains the curious, high prices when Tesla was building out their production lines. It also explains the volatility. This begs the question of what are the remaining top Tesla investors doing?

    Bob Wilson

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