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    Tesla Model 3 Delays
    For the past few months, Tesla has been listing the version of the vehicle as coming within “4 to 6 months,” but today it removed the timeline from its online configurator and its website.

    We received dozens of emails from Model 3 reservation holders worried about the meaning of Tesla removing the mention of the standard battery pack.

    When asked about the update, a Tesla spokesperson declined to comment on the change.

    The timeline is removed from Tesla’s US website, but it’s still visible on the Canadian Model 3 configurator.

    Elon Musk on base Model 3
    During a conference call with analysts for Tesla’s Q4 financial results last month, Musk said that he estimates the new version of the Model 3 is going to be available around the middle of the year:

    “We expect to introduce the standard range Model 3 sometime during the middle of this year – it’s a rough, rough guess.”

    The CEO said that they need to improve cost structure.

    He added:

    “We’re working hard to improve our costs of production, our overhead costs, our fixed costs, just costs in general.”

    When Model 3 production first started back in 2017, the company told reservation holders that the base version of the Model 3 would be available in early to mid-2018.

    Pure speculation on my part but a solid metal roof, might be the ticket to bring the midrange Model 3 into the $35k range. It would have to be crash tested but that might be the way to go. The tradeoff is one piece glass like they have now or two smaller pieces of glass with extra labor to install.

    I know Elon detests 'consultants' (for good reason!) but he might consider a field trip of key engineers visiting Munro and briefing his team. You don't want a consultant rooting around your facility as they will walk out the door with observed IP.

    Bob Wilson

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