Should Tesla go after CNBC?

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    The newest bit where CNBC tries to say Tesla's don't work in cold weather seems to be part of a systematic pattern of disinformation that is presumably paid for in a bribery type set up kind of like the payola set ups with radio. Their citing in this case the AAA auto insurance carrier study, a study by a company threatened by electric autonomy and threatened by Tesla's success doesn't improve the situation. And if we think about why the lies about Tesla aren't on Fox News instead its because has the Fox head on its board, that also shouldn't be comforting as there should be a huge consequence for media firms when they lie to the public and even greater consequence when they do it for money.
    They exist to serve the public not mislead it and there are now technological alternatives to a corporate news media or even a professional news media. Possibly the greatest utility of AI will be in truth matching.

    I'd conjecture the US is in the situation it is in today with a bribery based media for a reason. The US became for a time a global 800 pound gorilla and the response of the rest of the world was to try to puppetize and capture its media so its state could be captured and puppetized. I'll gives some examples of this action below. But first lets run down the history of depravity and let us not forget that receiving news from an entities that are not simply subscriber based but also accept sponsorship is about the most reckless and destructive thing a citizen can do it will create a highest bidder society based on lies.

    11 example depravities in legal doctrine, decisions and US politics:

    Santa Clara Railroad: The founding father's didn't want corporations, the were more interested in things like the corporate death penalty or quo waranto, but this decision tried to make corporations out to be persons which given that they were composed of people would be adding redundant weight to the citizenship and personhood of the 'owners'

    Buckley v Vellejo: Said that money wasn't bribery rather that it was protected speech, this was the pay for censorship and law as a function of bribery or people as property decision. One of the worst decisions in the history of man, needs to be completely reversed. Possibly the worst thing that's happened to the US democracy. Maybe I am missing something but this decision is moronic but it fit in with the society for the sake of business last Powell- exactly the opposite of what is needed as a society that is business first isn't worth living in.

    Loss of the Free Speech Doctrine: This doctrine said commercial speech was last in line to protect vital political speech. This was right and crucial and its loss at the SOTUS level means garbage like the anti neutrality FCC is possible- e.g. prioritizing censorship for pay.

    Loss of the Fairness Doctrine: This too was incredibly destructive for the society because the fairness doctrine was actually an anti-bribery doctrine that said that media companies would cover elections for free or have their charter revoked. It also said that there had to be an editorial fire wall between the news room and the entertainment sides of a media company. Highest bidder media means you lose your democracy because media consolidates and filters the candidates based on sponsor wishes.

    Under Nixon PBS also became partly sponsored. Absolutely ridiculous- its not public if its sponsored, its just propaganda.

    Monsanto vs the Fox New Anchors: Also horrible result that idiotically established that corporations could lie to the American public about public health through the news media if profit was involved. That the news media had a protected right to publish lies and misinformation. In this case Monsanto was exposed for lies it told about the safety of rBST and Fox News anchors were fired for trying to expose it when Monsanto said they'd pull their sponsorship if the stories aired, their firings were upheld under this decision. How could anyone that wasn't evil or simply blackmailed write such a decision how was it binding and how has it ever held up?

    Citizens United. This was a case against Hillary Clinton where Clarence Thomas was part of the deciding vote and where his wife had taken something like 1 million in money from litigant pushing the ability to dump unlimited money into elections to drown out the public even further maximizing the sell out prostituting of politicians. They need money to run and they have to give money to the same media firms that are controlled and filtered by the corporate sponsors pumping money into the system.

    Facebook trial: This was about commercializing domestic spying so that it would be seen as acceptable to allow not only state piggy backing on this spying (Hillary Clinton being a big proponent of spying on Americans- lose your privacy and lose your rights for lack of ability to lose your voice and become property) and selling it to the highest bidder including foreign governments as we saw in the 2016 elections.

    Budget Sequestering- this is a anti-democratic process where secret special interest get to decide the US Budget. This is the same kind of criminality as ALEC where the legislative process and the people get overridden by corruption. Stuff is as dumb as current artificial carbon sequestration for 'clean coal.' It literally means budget capturing how idiotic does it get?

    Austerity: Bail out failed banking held hostage by perpetually failing ultra low thermodynamic efficiency and ultra low aggregate efficiency fossil fuels at the ever increasing expense of everything that makes livable for everyday people to the point of bail-ins and confiscating people's and checking savings deposits.

    Supreme Court selection of Bush, use of fraudulent voting machines and lack of paper trail along with gerrymandering to steal elections. Probably add the Obama era NDA riders allowing the regular armed forces to disappear US citizens without a paper trial.

    continued in next post:
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    continued from prior post

    So you put these things together and you get some weird but foreseeable outcomes. If you look at what Richard David Steele has said since his run for President (not advocating for Steele) you see that the US state by the second Obama term had learned the truth about 911, Iraq and Afghanistan. Surely disgusted they started trying to divest US policy and interests from a couple of the Mid East states involved in 911. But then a leader from one of those states came to the US Capitol building and got standing ovations insulting the US and Obama. How many of the politicians that did that held dual citizen ship with that state? How many have dual citizenship with that fossil fuel aligned state in CNBC? Now we have a clearly unconstitutional act requiring allegiance to that state from US citizens if they are to hold public jobs being pushed. And you have to ask yourself where are the loyalties of the US politicians that push these things? Surely the interests of the American people are about last on their list. That same state is having trouble in England with Jeremy Corbyn as the UK tries to address its meddling in UK politics and having to fight the claim that when people don't want the meddling they are against the state that is pushing the meddling. Its like being pushed and the being blamed for not wanting to be pushed.

    Lets go back to what happened with Hillary Clinton. Why isn't she the POTUS? After all she beat her opponent by the 4th largest popular vote margin in US history? Well, it seems she wanted to go after Julian Assange for exposing the Bush administration's assassinations of EU journalists in Iraq. Now exposing that was exactly what the US had a right to demand from a functioning US media. But if we consider who she is, she was selling natural gas around the world during the Bush Administration and remember she was/is big on domestic spying. She wanted Julian Assange, a UK and Australian citizen extradited and treated as an enemy combatant and given capital punishment.

    But when it came time for Hillary to talk about how Goldman Sachs had purchased her or who might have purchased Goldman (Mid East States?) to in turn purchase Hillary- that was supposed to be secret. Our privacy- not an issue for her. Secrets (of which the US state should have absolutely none!) not an issue when it comes to her she can be sloppy, but Assange exposes US corruption (secrets) and she wants him dead (presumably she could have been implicated given her NG ties) so anonymous said they would stop her. They had Kim Dot Com release her emails to the GOP through a contact at the NSA and an account and a password and this then went to the electoral college and they vetoed her. Right after the release Obama had to use the back end Air Force one to exit the plane in China the way Clinton did Gingrich- presumably vetoing her vetoed her sell out Trans Pacific Partnership. Some of the motive for the veto probably had to do with her cheating Bernie out an election where without the cheating he would have beat both her and Trump but most of it presumably had to do with her being purchased by the same Mid East states that brought us 911 making her sound just like Romney and possibly setting us up for an unnecessary hot war with Russia over Iran and fossil fuels we don't need- her whole agenda seemed to be going after Iran and not touching NG. Presumably seeing the Iran plan in the emails they said no to her and deselected her! If Russia intervened its not something US hasn't done countless times and it this case it was likely only as a last resort as the converse would have been if the tables were turned.

    But now look at Andrew Wheeler at the EPA. This guy said the President who is sworn to faithfully uphold the US laws asked him to essentially break the law for unethical reasons and for silly lying excuses like "jobs" and instead of saying it was an unlawful order and giving voice to the situation and maximum resistance he is telling CARB that he can break the constitutional rights of every American and push the pay for poison scheme and it is not a negotiation!!! This is flat tyranny. Its only worse with the FCC Ajit Pai. It is a pay for censorship scheme, or a making discrimination pay scheme. These are treason in the real sense, even if you don't care much for nations as I don't. Betty Devos the same thing with a suppress education for banker profit scam. Or Mick Mulvaney at the consumer protection. We could sue every one of these people for breaking our constitutional rights under the APA. In the case of Pai and Wheeler why aren't they getting what Hillary had in mind for Assange, why not extradition of these people after they flee just charges instead of the extradition of the Huwei exec where even the security counsel doesn't recognize the US sanctions on Iran and those seem to becoming the same Mid East states that dictated 911.

    Now take a look at the number of dual citizenships in CNBC. And Muller was the FBI head when the truth about 911 needed to be covered up. Lets be clear neither the DNC nor the GOP have any right to secrecy they only have a right to transparency before the US if they use lies to gain an edge they need prosecution. Now Adam Schiff is going after Trump's Deutsche Bank connections and I think if you look you will see that toward the end of the Obama Admin Deutsche Bank was facing collapse over stupid natural gas investments and I think you can see also the ties to Russian NG and to what Trump has done with EPA etc. It also seems very telling that intel groups stood up and tried to say leaving Afghanistan and Syria was wrong. Same groups were against closing Gitmo and threatened Obama over it. I think those are the same groups beholden to the Mid East states. Very thankful for the Green New Deal but they need leave a high indexed UBI in it, there is no freedom without that. We need to end carbon rent seeking in a way that reverses austerity and accrues the costs to the culprits.

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