Seeing reports of a Kona Recall in form of Software Update

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by JSU, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Has anyone noticed an increase in notifications from the vehicle to the bluelink app after this update? I park my car in my garage, so I don't lock it and I used to get notifications of doors unlocked after parking, and after a charge has finished, so basically anything that "wakes up" the car. I am now getting notifications several times a day since the SW update was installed on Friday. I haven't charged the car or driven it since Monday after the update and have gotten 14 notifications so far. I wonder what it's doing in there? I don't think anything is wrong, but am curious about the change.
  2. I have been been getting craploads of door unlocked notifications recently and I haven't had the update yet. My 12V battery was nearly dead this morning again, I am pretty sure its all this useless bluelink activity.
  3. hmm, perhaps it is the app itself
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    Which dealership did you go to? The service department (separate facility, not colocated to the dealership) of Wright Hyundai in Wexford rebuilt a bunch of my car from a deer running into it (strike on side of car == dear ran into me, not the other way around). I asked about EVs and they said "no problem, we also deal with Leafs". Not sure if they can do the update. I haven't taken mine in for any other service, and I got the inspection at Baum Blvd Automotive (after hearing about it from my Tesla friends). I'm actually due for another one, but have been dragging my feet to go stores.
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    Took my car in last Tuesday for the update/recall.
    It took about 4-5 hours. When I picked it up, my GOM had an additional 40 or so KM of range on it. I asked if it had been charged and they said it had not.
    Also, winter mode was still on. So far it still seems to be doing really well, this is WITH a roof rack, kayak holder AND Thule hitch-mounted bike rack on it lol

    One thing to note - not sure if this was just my dealership, but I plugged it in to charge that evening and woke up with 100% charge - unexpectedly! They must have changed my charge limits as both AC and DC were set to 100% when previously they were both set to 80%. This marks the 3rd time my car has ever been charged to 100% - so make sure you check your charge limits before plugging in and walking away!
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  6. 4-5 hours!? This is why I haven't taken my car in. There's no way I'm stewing in Covid for that long. I need the battery software update, winter tire swap and my postponed 24k/year one inspection. Looks like it's not happening.
  7. You can turn off notifications in the app under notification settings (except emergency massages), perhaps they are all now enabled?
    I just checked mine, maybe I will wake up to a dead battery tomorrow (first time in several months I logged in). I think I will go start my car now and put it it run mode for a couple of hours:rolleyes:
  8. No notifications have changed. I only have the door unlock notification enabled.
  9. I had the update applied to my Kona Highlander (ultimate) yesterday.
    After it was done, I noticed that two features were removed from the menus:
    1) Aux. Battery Saver+
    2) Winter Mode.
    I've asked Hyundai Oz to explain whether or not these features are now automagic or just lost/removed.
    If they get back to me, I'll let you know.
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  10. I switched off all my notifications a long time ago yet the car and bluelink continue to tell me about my door locks, its just plain buggy.
  11. I certainly hope that it doesn't kill Winter Mode in Canadian models!
  12. I got the update today, aux battery saver menu item is indeed gone but winter mode is still there.
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  13. Does your Kona have the battery warmer, which is what it's understood winter mode controls? It's visible below the firewall and in front of the traction battery, the item in the centre of this photo.
  14. Hi KiwiME,
    I don't see what you're showing me on my car (it looks like the battery has been removed in your photo). But when I check the car's data through the OBD2 port:
    Battery heater 1 temp. sensor showed 30 deg. C.
    Battery heater 2 temp. sensor showed -123 deg. C.
    If that's a set of bogus numbers and they actually didn't fit one, it's going to make winter trips to the snow fields a bit painful.
  15. Huh, just noticed my Canadian bluelink app now has a picture with the correct representation of my car since the update, it was just a generic image of a sedan for the past 5 months. Really don't know if its of any significance but at least it doesn't look as lame .
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    Even colour-matched!
  17. SkookumPete

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    According to a post elsewhere, the update changes the step points for DC charging, resulting in slightly faster performance overall.
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  18. I went to Cochran Hyundai in the South Hills. I will probably call him this week to see if he's gotten anywhere with Hyundai.
  19. Has anyone with a build date later than October 2019 gotten this recall?

    Does anyone know of a way to display the software version in the updated modules?

    I am hoping this update will solve my problem of the 12v battery dying, but haven't seen the recall for my VIN yet and am wondering if it's not going to apply to me.
  20. Mine was built in January 2020 and they updated it.
    Does Torque Pro pick up software versions? I have an iPhone so Torque Pro not available to me.

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