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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Dante, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. RickSE

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    Spotted a red clarity up at sugarbush resort this morning. If we had brought my clarity instead of the 4wd crv we could have taken over a single EV charging station. I’ll bet that would have been a first!
  2. JCA

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    Since everything changed in mid-March, I hadn't seen a single Clarity in 3 months instead of my usual 1-2 a day (in addition to a couple charging at work). Granted, I'm working from home and out driving maybe 5 miles a week now instead of 200, but still.

    Well yesterday while out running a 3 mile errand, I saw not one but TWO Clarity! I refrained from honking, but may have been waving and shouting a bit more than normally appropriate at the first one :)
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  3. Richard_arch74

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    Last week my wife drove our silver Clare to the golf course. After she finished her round she went to our car and couldn't get in. The thing would not unlock! She called me and said I can't get into the F'n car! I said I don't know how to help you. While she paced in frustration she said "I don't believe it, there is another silver Clarity a couple of spaces on the other side of this truck (in between the two Clarity's). I was trying to get into the wrong car.

    This is the ONLY Clarity we have seen in Mid Michigan until now. (Never did see @Sandroad driving around town;-)

    BTW, it was at Forest Acres in East Lansing if the owner is a member on this forum.

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