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    I am thinking of getting my wife the Model 3. I would like to ask a couple of questions with the understanding that I am asking a Tesla group about a Tesla. We currently own a 07 F150 and a 13 Hyundai Equus (Genesis G90). Both of these vehicles have been outstanding. The Ford has never been back to the dealer or had a part replaced. The Hyundai went to the dealer for a power seat issue after a year or two ownership. Can I expect that kind of reliability out of the Tesla? I am ok with minor issues that do not put you on the side of the road. I know the earlier Model S had some motor issues but I believe those are gone now. Are there any common issues I can expect?
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    After 6 months and 13,800 miles, no issues. You might visit:
    Living in the SouthEast, SuperChargers are common enough for a Standard Range Plus Model 3. Use "" to check the SuperCharger density for likely, long distance routes. I set the charge limit to 63%, 150 mi, range and have no problem around town or taking a day trip to Nashville, Chattanooga, or Birmingham, Headed West, I typically raise it to 100% to reach Memphis with a reserve.

    Bob Wilson
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    Thanks for the reply. I actually meant to ask two other questions also. I read the warranty is 4 years, can't find a mileage warranty. I assume it is unlimited but we all know what happens when you assume. I have also heard that insurance is outrageous, so much so that Tesla will offer their own. Is any part of that statement true?
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    Warranty? I don't really follow this because after 6 months, I've not had any warranty issues. I've had to add window washer fluid and fully inflate the tires which I typically do this every two months with all of our cars.

    Insurance? My understanding is repair costs by authorized Tesla and Insurance company shops has remained expensive and takes a long time. This is why our BMW i3-REx is the backup but it too has suffered from repair delays for warranty work like a broken motor mount.

    Bob Wilson
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    50,000 miles on the warranty. Insurance is probably about the same as a comparably priced car. It was funny. When I called my insurance agent to get insurance, she ask me who the manufacturer was.

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