Regardless of what anyone says...

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Dreamgt, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. alyssai

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    I agree! I think I'm too in love with my car that I just like to sit in it and just relax sometimes. Now that I have my windows tinted at 30% its hard for people to know I'm inside especially when I have my windshield sun shade on. I've seen people walk by eyeing my car, and then turning around to look at it some more.
  2. mistoffelees

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    I just bought my Clarity 3 days ago. Originally, I was looking at the Outlander PHEV . I always preferred the larger, SUV or Mini Van sized vehicle but when I heard about the Clarity, I decided to give it a look and I liked what I saw. I like that they are few and far between. My dealer told me mine was only the fourth one they sold. I do get the looks and questions, especially when someone sees my car parked at a, normally empty, charging station! One person told me it looks "Transformeresque". I am very surprised by the number of "turned heads" my Clarity has received in the short period of time I have owned it. There are a few things Honda could've done differently but over all, Honda got it right on this one.

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