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Discussion in 'Rav4 EV' started by ColoradoPrime, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. ColoradoPrime

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    Maybe change the thread, since Rav4 Prime is what the 2021 Rav4 Plug-in is now called, due out in Summer 2020, with an estimated 39-mile electric range, on demand AWD, pretty good cargo volume (close to 70 cubic feet?), better ground clearance (8"+?), possibly 1750 lbs. of towing, possibly high-30s mpg on gas etc. All of those details yet to be revealed in final form...This may be a significant vehicle, because for many people who want a small SUV, and yet still have range anxiety/cost/reliability concerns about maybe a Tesla Model Y or its competitors, this vehicle can potentially decrease gas use by maybe half. Here in Colorado, it may be possible to get the full $7,500 tax credit, plus a $4,000 state rebate, so the net price for the base model could be possibly in the low-20K range, assuming the Prime comes in at say $4K above the current RAV4 hybrid MSRP, which is around $28K. You could buy two Rav4 Primes for the price of one Tesla Model Y. Speculative of course, but a very exciting possible price for a nice vehicle. If the whole world could cut gas use by half, that would not be as good as going all electric, but over the next 10 years would still be very significant. We currently own a 2017 Toyota Prius Prime, and it has been a wonderful car, now with 45,000 miles on it with no repairs at all. We have averaged 120 mpg with it over the 45,000 miles, with infrequent long trips and otherwise mostly all electric from solar. We may just keep it, since it does get 55+ mpg on gas, but the Rav4 Prime is certainly an attractive alternative while fully electrics improve in range and cost over the next few years. This is a great improvement over the Prius Prime for Coloradoans who want a vehicle better for back roads, camping, bike racks etc. Lower mpg than the Prius Prime, but still a very significant positive step. Keep your eye on RAV4 Prime if you are in the market...
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    The rav phev is intriguing. Enough range for most of our driving. Probably larger than a Tesla Y so I can get 2 bikes inside. A few weeks ago I was thinking only phev, then lately pure electric seemed to make more sense to the engineer in me. But a significant discount compared to the Tesla Y would be hard to pass up. A lot more options coming up this year.
    I'm in CO too, so I need to look at the details of the state rebate.
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    Not sure whether it will be larger--if RAV4 Prime cargo volume is the same as the RAV4 Hybrid, it may be about 70 cu. ft., but the larger battery might reduce it. The Tesla Model Y is guessed at 66 cu. ft., so will have to wait for them both to appear to be sure. Same with towing. Yes, the Colorado rebate is explained in Colorado FYI Income 69, google it and you can get a pdf with the details. We did it when we bought a Volt a few years ago--you need the original sale contract and VIN, otherwise pretty easy. Yes, it does seem many more options coming this year--lots of uncertainty until they arrive...
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    Good Morning, very interested in this vehicle but it’s kind of hard to get clear information. Here are some of my questions:
    1. If vehicles are supposed to hit dealerships this summer, when would pricing be announced?
    2. Toyota has to be close to hitting the 200,000 mark where the EV credit phase out right?
    3. I have been reading that road noise is significant in all RAV4 models, is that general consensus?
    4. Is there any way to preorder this car, I thought I heard that a Canadian pre ordering was going on now?
    5. Are these RAV4 EVs going to be made in the US?

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