Purchase of extended warranty for 2021 RAV4 Prime?

Discussion in 'Rav4 Prime' started by MarylandBlueTailedLizard, Apr 22, 2021.

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  1. Team: Looking for information on purchasing an extended warranty; I'm buying 2021 RAV4 Prime, SE, tomorrow(!). Did you purchase warranty? Why yes/no? "$2,500-$2,700" is handwritten on a brochure for "Vehicle service contracts" provided through the Zurich American Insurance Company. No specific details in brochure; nothing for R4P or any PHEV. Aligned with usual dealer game I won't get details until I purchase vehicle. Zurich got 3 out of 5 stars on reviews I'd found. Because I'll be driving a computer it may be worthwhile, but not certain. Input welcome!
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  3. Sent you a PM.
  4. MaryP

    MaryP New Member

    Why can't we get an answer for all of us about extended warranties? Don't Toyota and Honda have their own extended warranties without needing a third party extended warranty?
  5. greinstein

    greinstein New Member

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