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    Owning both for over a year, my decision tree for using either the BMW i3-REx or Prius Prime looks like this:
    1. +100 mile trip - Prius Prime due to superior gasoline highway mileage and range, +56 MPG Prime and 600 mile gas segments vs. 40 MPG and 75 mile gas segments BMW i3-REx.
    2. +50F and 3 stop trip - Prius Prime due to more efficient EV operation but cold weather induces unplanned engine operation.
    3. -50F or +3 stop trip - BMW I3-REx because it does not have the cold induced engine operation and three times the EV range of the Prime.
    Either car works and can backup the other. If I had to choose, the Prius due to reliability, TSS-P, and long range legs. In this case, the Consumer Reports score is accurate:
    • 77 - Prius Prime
    • 66 - BMW i3-REx
    Bob Wilson

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