Porsche Taycan Nurburgring record!

Discussion in 'Porsche Taycan' started by David Green, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. David Green

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    Bingo, now we are talking 7:42 is not too bad for a Nurburgring lap in an EV, and since I know Bob will want to compare to Tesla Metrics the Model 3 performance recently ran the Nurburgring in around 9 minutes, HAHAHA, which might as well be a half hour... I guess Model 3 performance forgot the performance... I thought Elon Said the Model 3 performance would be faster on any track than any comparable car (another Elon LIE), since Tesla often likes to compare to the BMW 3 series I can tell you Tesla has a lot of homework to catch up on as the M3 BMW is faster than the Taycan at the Nurburgring. Ok Ok Bob, I can already hear you... But but but the 0-60, and the EPA rating, save it... Performance is performance, its clear that Porsche, and BMW have it, and Tesla... Well if we skew a metric or two Tesla wins a participation trophy... Yeah !!!


    Fred does have an error in the article though as the all time record NIO set at 6:40 was blown away by VW in their first attempt in the ID-R setting a new record at 6:05
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    When was that comment made? I suspect the Taycan was not in production then (or even now?)

    Regardless, here is the EPA list of electric cars. Care to identify which one competes with the Model 3 Performance on the track?

    As for reaching the local speed limits in 'comfort' mode, our 2014 BMW i3 and 2019 Standard Range Plus Model 3 have identical acceleration up to 70-75 mph when the Model 3 continues to accelerate. The BMW i3 is speed limited to 84 mph.

    Bob Wilson
  3. Domenick

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    The amateur Tesla record is 8:50, set with a Model S P85D in 2015 (the 9-minute Model 3 run referenced isn't reflective of that car's abilities). No doubt a new "Raven" Model S Performance would do much better than that, but still not beat the Taycan.

    The correct NIO EP9 time is 6:45:90 (on slicks).
  4. David Green

    David Green Well-Known Member

    Clearly VW Technology blew away all comers with the ID-R, and I think those records will last a long time as gaining each second requires a lot of engineering (and the curve gets much steeper every second gained), VW showed this at Pikes Peak, and Woodward as well as the Nurburgring. VW has the best EV racing tech on the planet clearly as you see how effortlessly they annihilated old records, most of which were done with only one or 2 practice runs, that means with more runs, to get used to the vehicle, faster times are possible.

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