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    Drove into the petro canada station with only 10% SOC left. Spend 55 minutes there, had breakfast at MacDonalds next door, and left with 77%. Thank you Petro Canada! Hit 60kw charge rate at one point. My only complaint is the cables are a little short, could be one or two feet longer. They told me it should be free for maybe one year before they start charging.
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    Here's a new one that's close to being operational. Located in south west Calgary, in an area of two huge shopping centres, and about a mile from my home :cool:. Part of the "Prairie-to Peaks" network for western Canada. Will use renewable energy from southern Alberta (wind turbines, solar panels, and bio.) Will be on the Flo network.
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    Tried the Petro Canada chargers in Medicine Hat. I’ve used both the 200 and 350kw units but on both occasions only achieved a max 57kw, this was after a 50km drive. Any ideas why I’m not getting the expected 70+kw?
    Shouldn’t complain though, they were free charges
  4. Charge rate is affected by temperature the most, I'm going to guess the bms decided it was too cold for the full 70+kw
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    I’ve only received 59 kw maximum at petroleum-Canada charger in Nanaimo. Most of the time it was in the 40s. Then of course it dropped to 23kw after 73%.
  6. If you watch bjorn nylands kona videos he basically implies anything under 15 degrees Celsius sees less than the advertised max dc charging. It would be interesting to see what you get in warmer weather at the petrocan chargers.
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  7. Now imagine that if the 3 tier system was implemented like Electrify America uses (using the initial reported car charging capability to set the $ tier) what you would actually pay for those charges;)
  8. Looks like the Petro Canada chargers in Langley (200 st at 72 ave) are about ready to go. I drove through there today, and everything looked complete, but they were still fenced off. So maybe they will have them live any day now.

    They are in a high traffic area, so I expect will get lots of use. I will check them out sometime when I am low on charge (which is not too often these days). I want to see if they are faster than the BC Hydro chargers.
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    I saw a peak of 77 kW when I charged at one a month ago. Two weeks ago I could only get just about 53 kW, but the battery was at 51% to start.

    Both times I had problems unlocking from the charger when finished. The first time took several unlocks till it released, the second time I had to pop the hood and hit the button to disconnect it.

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  10. A cooler pack will charge slower as demonstrated several times on this forum and other media.
    The unable to unlock issue is probably a communication error , or , maybe the "oil company software" is designed to hold the car ransom until proof of payment is acknowledged :D
    Minor glitch.
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    Unlocking is a persistent problem for me. Both to unlock the door when I want to charge, and unlocking when done.

    Usually hit door unlock button several times, and then I am good.

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    Mine requires a double click to unlock all doors in order to do this. But I think you can change this somewhere in the settings.
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  13. You can actually change this with the FOB alone.
    Hold BOTH lock and unlock buttons for 5 seconds, the mirror indicator light will flash 4 times and change the settings from from driver only to all locks (which is required before removing the charge connector):)
    Give it a try!
  14. ericy

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    I get that, bit the fob is in a case, so it isn't easy to press any buttons. The reason for the case is to prevent inadvertent activation of the panic button.

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  15. ericy

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    Ahh I see- change the settings once, and be done with it. That will make my wife happy.

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  16. eastpole

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    This build-out is moving at an impressive pace! Petro Canada turned up a pair of chargers in Sudbury on 7 Oct 2019, which are badly needed right now for anyone driving north of the charger at Port Severn.
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  17. New Petrocan chargers east of Winnipeg are up but not powered up yet

  18. Made good progress there since your last photo, hopefully commissioned soon.
  19. ericy

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    How hard would it be to go from say Toronto to Vancouver? Where are the holes that remain? I tried abetterrouteplanner, and it takes you through Denver - seems kind of out of the way.
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  20. Take a look at plug share. Turn on just the fast chargers and you will see there are virtually none in North and South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. Your two options are south to Denver or north across Canada. Staying in southern Canada Looks like may be the best route. Plug share has a trip planer that lets you pick the route you want and the stops you want.

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