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Discussion in 'Polestar 2' started by Domenick, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. Domenick

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    The Polestar 2 can now be ordered.

    To do this, just go to the Polestar 2 section of the automaker's site. (link is to U.S. site)
    From here we see the base price is s $59,900 and we can just click on the configure box to get started.

    Next, plug in your zip code and the stores in your market appear for you to choose one.
    Now, I have a Florida zip code and there is supposedly a 'Space' coming to this state in 2021 but it's not yet listed here. So, I will choose the Manhatten Space.
    Note: if you click 'Show all retailers, as of now it just adds the Marin, CA location.

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  2. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    After clicking continue, we get to the fun page. Here, you can choose the exterior and interior colors, as well as a number of options.
    As you can see, I'm a person of taste, and so I went with the Moon paint and the Barley interior which I feel pairs the best with this exterior color.

    For wheels, I went with the 20"4-Y spoke, which required me to accept the Performance package. Among other things, this gives you the gold Brembo calipers and matching gold seatbelts. Personally, I wish they offered the caliper in the same color as the car but that's not an option.

    I also selected the towbar (max towing capacity is 2,000 pounds). Interestingly, it says about this hitch: "The semi-electrical tow bar unfolds at the touch of a button in the trunk. Lock it into place manually. There’s a light on the button which indicates the locked status, and a message is shown in the Polestar 2 centre display if it’s unlocked." Sounds pretty nifty.

    I also selected the load carriers because kayaks and mats because...hey, why aren't mats standard?

    Then, you can choose your purchase method: finance, lease, or cash. I choose cash because it's the most straightforward but it's interesting to note that if you choose to finance or lease you can change the terms somewhat to find the best arrangement for your situation.

    So then, you can scroll down a bit and see your final price. With the delivery fee and deposit taken into account, my configuration comes to $73,250. Of course, the car is eligible for the federal tax credit which would reduce my total out-of-pocket after next year's taxes by $7,500.

    Possibly the best part? It says estimated delivery is in September. That's soon!

  3. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    From here, you need to fill in some personal details and after you click on "Create account," Polestar-2-config-page-4.jpg

    After smashing the creating account button a new page opens and lets you know that Polestar offers a trade-in program and you'll be asked for more info later in the process if you wish to do that. To tie a bow on the whole ordering process, you just click on the "Pay Deposit" button.


    The next page requires you to scroll through terms and conditions before checking the box that confirms you've read and accepted the terms. (Interestingly, the terms mention that California has a high-voltage battery warranty of 10 years/150,000 miles, instead of the usual 8-year/100,000-mile warranty in the rest of the country.)

    Now, just click on "pay with credit card" and the fields to enter that info appears.

    Finally, click on "Pay Deposit" and you're set! (I didn't actually click on this since I'm not actually ordering a car (though I wish I could) so if the next screens are interesting, please feel free to share them below.
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    Any idea when they will launch the single motor version and what price?

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  5. Domenick

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    No word yet, but we'll try to post something when they do (if a community member doesn't beat us to it).

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