Niro EV ships end of February in U.S.!

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by Domenick, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Leopold Potsiadlo

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    Yes, Gaithersburg is close to me. Thanks for the update about the Kona EV. I got a response from a Kia headquarters help line that Niros have been moved back to a “concept “ car, that can’t be correct
  2. Axle

    Axle New Member

    I'm in California and have been on several waiting lists for a Niro EV for weeks. Not one dealer has any idea when they will arrive. One says September, another says May and another says three weeks time. Meanwhile timing and chance has us without a car and waiting. The promised ''end of Feb" delivery has gone. I checked Kia's website and it looks like the Niro EV got pulled today from the upcoming vehicle list.
    What this all points to is a major technical failure that has prompted production to stop completely until it is resolved. The delays that the Europeans have been told that are due to battery supply are bogus because any manufacturer secures supply guarantees from vendors well in advance of assembly dates. The fact that they point to battery supply as the cause makes me think this is a battery related fault which is causing a complete re-design to be done and that takes a long time.
    Anyway I really hope im wrong and I'd hate to buy something else only for them to suddenly turn up.
    Kia USA, if you are reading any of these posts, do the right thing and at least give us a real reason for the delay and come clean so we can decide to either sit tight and wait or divert our attention and move on.
  3. LegoZ

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  4. RDA

    RDA New Member

    I am also on a waiting list. I can't imagine it is a total redesign as they have already started selling them in Europe. I am hoping they have some announcement soon as to what is going on.
  5. Axle

    Axle New Member

  6. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    This reminds me. I need to see about getting a facepalm emoji. o_O

    I did hear a rumor that it had been pushed back to the end of the month, but I guess I'll need to contact the corporate communications and see if they'll give us some info.
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  7. RDA

    RDA New Member

    Looks like the Niro EV is back on KIA USA page again under upcoming vehicles.
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  8. JSU

    JSU New Member

    OMG, what is taking KIA so long to give us at least the damn prices in the USA? :)
    Seriously, I wish they would throw us a bone or something.
    I am very keen on the fact that the Niro EV will have the option for a battery heater and that it will have Lane Follow Assist (both of which are not available for the US spec'ed Kona EV). I just hope these extras don't boost the price of the Niro EV top end offering above the Kona EV Ultimate.
  9. RDA

    RDA New Member

    I have tried to contact Kia about pricing with no luck. I suspect the pricing will be in line with the Kona. That means the premium trim will probably be $43-45000 but it would be great if it was lower. I agree with you JSU that Kia should at least release the pricing. I also would like to see a production model as I have seen pictures of the interior with different options in different pictures. The most noticeable is memory seats for the driver. Some pictures show it others don't. Bjorn showed it in one of his videos but it was on a Korean version.
  10. JSU

    JSU New Member

    Here are the US Production version photos from the Kiamedia site:

    There is a shot that shows the area where you'd see the memory buttons that's pretty dark and the photo is not very big. I didn't see any sign of them.

    There is also no mention of memory seats in the features, found here:
  11. RDA

    RDA New Member

    Yes, i saw those. However, as I said when Bjorn did his interior review he clearly pointed out memory seats and I saw them in a car that was being reviewed in CA. But you are correct I haven't seen them in the Kia photos and there is no mention of them in the features. So it may just be the Korean version car that has them. That is why it would be nice to actually see a production model in a dealership either in CA or any other ZEV state.
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  12. RDA

    RDA New Member

    i did manage to get in touch with a contact at Kia. He said the Niro EV should be "on sale in MD, any day now".
    The pricing doesn't get released until it is at the dealers and he expects pricing information in "a week or so." So i guess we will see what happens. I am hoping it is by the end of this month.
  13. Axle

    Axle New Member

    It seems that Euro spec has the memory, but US spec doesn't from the reviews I have seen after the San Jose press intro.
    I wonder if it could be upgraded by purchasing parts directly from Korea? It probably has the same wire harness, just needs the door panel trim and switch.
    This is an option that would be valuable to me. Kia should offer a kit.
    They are certainly mis-managing the launch. Awful transparency after announcing they would be available end of Feb.
  14. chance again

    chance again New Member Subscriber

    I just noticed a footnote on a Kia Media press release published on 3-14-19 that was talking about Kia partnering with Amazon on supplying level 2 chargers for customers that were getting a Soul, a Niro or some of their other PHEVs. It pertained to the Niro and said "In select retailers in select markets with limited availability. 2020 Niro EV expected spring 2019".
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  15. JSU

    JSU New Member

    Interesting that they referenced the Niro EV as the 2020 Niro EV, I wonder if this may have the refreshed dash with the 10 inch display like we saw in the plugin Niro refresh pics?? Crazy/Wishful thinking mind you.
  16. cmdc

    cmdc New Member

    Hi, RDA, was the Kia contact you spoke with at a dealersip in Maryland or at Kia headquarters? I've tried four separate Kia dealerships in Maryland and northern Virginia. Three seemed completely unaware of the Niro EV. The one dealership that was aware of it told me this afternoon that the Niro EV would be released "soon" but described "soon" as sometime within the next few months.
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  17. Peter K

    Peter K New Member

    I am on a waiting list for a Niro EV in a California dealership. They called me a few days ago and said they hoped a car would be in around March 27. I am cautiously optimistic.
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  18. RDA

    RDA New Member

    My contact was with Kia, not a dealer but even so you never know if they have the right information. Don't bother checking in VA as it won't beon sale there. I hope it is out by the end of this month. I will post if I hear from my dealer.
  19. Axle

    Axle New Member

    I called five dealers today up and down California and I would say that expected deliveries could be within 2 weeks and up to mid summer. Also after several contacts with Kia they have been completely non-commital deliberately not giving any hints at all. Its like some sort of pathetic national secret?
    Unfortunately for them they are on the back foot as Nissan are already in dealers with the Leaf plus, Hyundai Kona and now the affordable model S on the way. Kia is imploding. Their price will have to drop to no more than the Tesla when they finally arrive, they are no longer worth it.
    If Kia USA told me it will be September or June - any date that came out of their mouth that was an official accurate date, I would have been happy to plan for that.
    I cant stand their lack of transparency and poor business decisions and has put a sour taste in my mouth for their brand.
    I was really excited about this car but now I'm focusing on other brands - even back to ICE.
  20. RDA

    RDA New Member

    Yes, In agree. I think Kia is missing the boat. There is an auto show here April5-14 in DC so I will see if they have one on display. I am not holding my breath. However, I did stop by my dealer a few days ago and talked with the sales manager. He claims he is getting one in on April 20th but even he couldn't be sure it would show up.

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