Navigation system with map update

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by KonaTom, Jun 4, 2019.

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  1. Well, if you use Android auto or apple something, you get the same benefits as the built in nav. However I like to use the built in nav because it shows in the HUD.

    Also I like to take care of my phone battery which means I hate it that it always charges when you plug it into the car. That means that it will charge to 100% (and the USB is high powered so it charges fast) and then keeps it at 100%. It's definitely bad for the phone and it heats up a lot as well.
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  3. Actually, this was lost starting in 14.0. The new features page for 14.5 says "With [Server Based Routing], the customer inputs an address and presses Search, the route is computed in the cloud (server), rather than in the vehicle head unit (locally). The benefits include faster, more optimal, and accurate routing. Active connected services required."

    So MapnSoft again displays their regrettable habit of deleting a feature and calling it an improvement.

    I've started using their nav because Android Auto is crammed into a 6.75" window on my Ultimate's 10.25" display, and its voice recognition doesn't always connect. However twice in the last month it told me to take an unavailable or illegal turn, most recently a "no left turn" just after entering the major surface street from the Golden Gate Bridge. There is no excuse for this kind of error on a street that tens of thousands of vehicles use every day.
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  4. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    It will still fall back to "static routing" if the local cell service is slow or spotty. I ran into this during the summer when all of the tourists were in town and cell service was awful.
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  5. BaylorBob

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    Good Answer. Thanks
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  8. BaylorBob

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    I don't use Android Auto. I just use my Android Phone's Maps. It is Excellent. If you need to know the next move you can say "OK Google, What's my Next Move" and it replies by voice. About 3 months ago I had to go up a hill in an exclusive neighborhood with a lot of hills, where they did not allow Cell Towers. It was an area of about 2 or 3 square miles (my best guess). My Phone and Google Maps was useless as a Brick. Luckily I programmed the address into my car and it took me there and home again.
  9. The full-screen map view seems to give more priority to showing the names and locations of government offices than it does to showing street names. Whenever I go downtown, I don't see street names, just government offices. I have zero interest in govenment offices but I would like to know where a particular street is. Is there any way to alter this priority?
  10. On March 31 I received an email notice that "As of April 1, 2021, we would like to announce the merger of Hyundai MnSOFT Co., Hyundai AutoEver Co., and Hyundai Autron Co. The company name after the merger will be Hyundai AutoEver Co."

    In my experience, MnSOFT stood out from other Hyundai units as uniquely responsive to customer inquiries and interested in customer communication and satisfaction.

    I'm guessing Hyundai corporate will put an end to that nonsense. Perhaps their new corporate motto could be "AutoEver - CustomersNever."
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