Mercedes has revealed a massive electrification program

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    Mercedes Wheels Out Electric Car Roadmap, Car And Battery Factories Everywhere

    Highlights include:
    • Six auto plants on three continents
    • Five battery packs production plants
    • First EV model is EQC SUV in 2019
    • By 2022, Daimler will electrify the entire portfolio of Mercedes-Benz, offering at least one electrified alternative models, more than 10 of which will be all-electric.
    • 11 billion Euro ($13,607,440,000.00) investment to make this happen.
    Basically, they're saying, "It's on. Come at me, bruder!"

    Here's the video presentation of the plan:

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    I am eagerly awaiting a PHEV Mercedes! I’ve consider the Volvo V90, but my nearest dealer is an hour from my home, and I expect to need dealer support with these new technologies. I’m hoping a PHEV E class wagon will be available in the not too distant future. Still driving my 2010 gas guzzling Sienna...215k km. Seems very reliable so I guess I’ll wait on Mercedes. If anyone hears any updates, please let me know!

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