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  1. So today my Media screen just went blank except for the date/time banner along the top. None of the buttons are operational and radio not working. Any suggestions?
  2. As the banner is on it would imply your fuse is fine.You could try rebooting the 12v systems by disconnecting a lead off your 12 battery for a few seconds, or try switching the interior 12v off switch in the fuse box for a few seconds it should have the same effect, if that does not work I suspect its dealer time.
    The switch in the fuse panel is below your left driver's side knee, it should look similar to this picture.
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  3. Thanks. Switching off the 12V didn’t help. However, leaving the car off for an hour as I went to lunch did it. Came back and it was working again. Another interesting thing to note: the Hyundai app wouldn’t connect to the car while this problem was occurring. Software glitch?
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    There's also a tiny recessed reset button in the bezel. Using it
    fixed my clock after pulling the cell modem.

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  5. Stopped in the local Hyundai dealer to book my coolant pump replacement, and also asked them if they have had any complaints about these occasional blank screens (I've had it happen a few times). He said yes, but there is no fix. Says all the new Hyundai cars have the same problem.

    Also they are going to check my dim lights level. Apparently the flashing of oncoming cars is another common complaint with the LED lights.

    And asked him about the tap, tap, tap problem, too. That one they have not encountered yet. I was a little surprised, given how many on this forum have had it. So far, mine is still good (other than one time had some pebbles stuck in my tire tread).
  6. Good to know. Thanks for the updates. I'll be booking my first service appointment within the next month and will basically go in with the exact same questions.

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