Mach E has Jag iPace rear end treatment which will really hurt sales

Discussion in 'Mustang Mach-E' started by 101101, Nov 8, 2019.

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    Suspect the Mustang Mach E is a re-branded Tesla Model Y but it looks like they are using that cheap Mazda like rear end cladding possibly to make it look different slightly than the Model Y in that area. But that rear end treatment seen in the new lightly camouflaged photos and in the line drawing of of the side looks terrible and cheap with that view occluding slat. This looks like sabotage of the sales potential, Ford should remove that cladding and make sure the rear doesn't look like a re-badged Mazda- can't put that junk on something called a Mustang even if going cross over. Ford did his kind of stuff with the Mustang II when they tried to go econo- it was like they tried to go out of their way to create an econo box with the Mustang II. Honda hobbled the Clarity with this kind of stupidity. The 2014 Infinity FX50 has some of the worst styling ever- apparently designed to appeal only to half the genders but looks horrible- why halve the sales? Audi did something similar by making its etron look terrible by having it peak over the driver's head and then slope down toward the rear but jacking up the rear end. Shooting brakes and station wagons already look bad but this kind of stuff destroys a vehicles look like putting the wrong tires and rims or hubs on a vehicle, like putting over-sized too wide high profile tires on rims and a vehicle that needs low profile tires. What is really unfortunate is it seems like firms surely know these hobbled styling jobs will hurt sales but they do it
    anyway, and so it looks like a case a sabotage which should concern their share holders and boards where he boards aren't literally the source of the sabotage.

    Maybe this was part of why Lutz complained after seeing the Model Y that it was hump backed- is his a bad tactic to remedy a non issue or internally hide a sabotage of a crucial styling element?

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    Rear end looks good with shade section at top if that's what you are complaining about it. Tesla could use it but doesn't have it or wiper.

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