Lots of brand new info from Pre Delivery Inspection doc; esp. on battery replacement

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by KentuckyKen, Jul 26, 2018.

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    I have been trying to get a copy of my PDI check list from Germain Honda in A2. I just received this email (attached) from my salesman. I litin to him on my return email to him and sent him a copy of the PDI (that I got from this forum) along with a signed last page (also from the forum) where the service manager signs off on the checklist. Will see what the salesman comes up with next. If I didn't live an hour and a half away from the dealer I would drive over there now.
    I really appreciate all of your posts! Screenshot_20181101-163748_Connect.jpeg

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  2. Interestingly, in August I traded in an Accord for the clarity and found the 4 year old noise reduction-plugs in the Accord trunk with the front license plate after the trade. The Clarity’s plugs were also not installed. 2 YEARS AGO I found the unfilled PDI in the glove compartment of my Pilot. After the delivery I confronted my salesman, who had the mechanic fill it out in 5 minutes. Said it was done but not documented at the time.
    Probably never done. But so far all three cars were and are trouble free. Luck counts.
    Legally, you might be better off if they did not do it, if the car turns out to be a lemon. Leverage.
  3. Richard_arch74

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    Louis, Oh believe me I will use it as leverage if they didn't perform the PDI.

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  4. Just got our Clarity last weekend.
    52-psi in the tires, transport mount plugs missing and no PDI ck sheet in the glove box.
  5. insightman

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    That's not par for the course, that's a double-eagle (I don't play golf, I had to look that up)! Was the battery dead, too?
  6. altfuelcarguy

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    Thanks to this site, readers at least know what to look for. It would be interesting to know if particular dealers are consistent either in doing the pdi and plugs, or not doing them. In my case, the car came off the truck 7/30/17, the service manager personally did the pdi (I saw him) 7/31, and installed the plugs and I took delivery that evening. This was Autonation Honda in Roseville CA.

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  7. insightman

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    Probably 7/30/18, right? Clarity PHEV deliveries didn't officially begin until 12/1/17.
  8. When I got mine, there was no charge cable in the car (just the instruction sheet). Apparently it had been removed from the car and no one noticed. Clearly the PDI was not done.
  9. altfuelcarguy

    altfuelcarguy Member

    Actually it's the FCEV model. I think the first ones were delivered late 2016.

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  10. Judging from how many here have reported over inflated tires, missing rubber plugs, low battery, etc... I seems like many dealers are not doing the PDI. Or maybe they are assigning the PDI job to lot porters who wash the cars, instead of paying the qualified mechanics to do it correctly.

    I contacted the service mgr and told him I was disappointed, also told him I would be responding with low scores on the Honda customer satisfaction survey I just received.
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  11. Ben Washburn

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    My PDI was done and the plugs were installed, but although I bought it from Pohanka Honda they're not the dealership that actually took delivery--they got it from another dealer to get the color I wanted. What I disliked was that the battery was empty when I picked it up and I had to drive about 90 minutes home in HV mode. Not a major deal, but an irritant, especially because I'd wanted to use the trip home to sort of play around and figure out the modes and indicators.
  12. MNSteve

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    I had the same experience, and my first post-test-drive experience of the car was very different than it should have been. My dealer brags about always delivering cars with a full tank of gas, and they actually delayed my driving the Clarity away so that they could take it to fill the tank, with no clue that having the battery charged was infinitely more important. This level of clueless is what makes me so apprehensive about taking the car for service, and makes me hope that I have no serious issues that would require actual knowledge to address.
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  13. I've spent most of my life working as a mechanic and field liaison engineer.
    During the seventies, I worked as a line mechanic at Datsun, Volvo, Toyota and GM dealerships.
    In the eighties I changed careers and went to work with IBM computers as a field engineer for 25 years.
    In 2008 I changed careers again and went to work with motorcycle racing teams as engine mechanic and crew chief, traveled all over the US and a few countries in Europe.
    I've worked with a lot of mechanics over the years.
    Many were brilliant, some were incompetent and others just didn't care or didn't take pride in their own workmanship.

    Seems like the brilliant ones are no longer working at dealerships.
  14. Dan Albrich

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    My dealer seemed completely ignorant of Clarity. Didn't seem to know or care much about this car. When I picked mine up there was an incomplete generic check-list left in the cabin. Tire pressure warning within 3 days of driving the car, no software updates applied. The traction battery was completely dead and the car made the angry bees sound all the way home from the dealer.

    I'll check the plugs but I'd be shocked if they're present.

  15. MPower

    MPower Well-Known Member

    I had the good fortune of getting the list of Service Bulletins from this forum and learning about the plugs, etc. so I was able to email the dealer a list of to-dos before I picked up the car. The battery was at least partially charged and plenty for me to get home.

    I told them if they were serious about the business, they needed to get a level 2 charger which they did not have. When I completed the survey, I wrote at great length about the need to get a Level 2 and the need to complete the PID, the last page of which was not completed because another dealer had done the first phase of the PID while the selling dealer was supposed to do the second phase and none of the items were checked off.

    When I went to buy my winter tires and have them installed, I brought the PID booklet and told them to do it. They claimed that they had done it before I picked it up and forgot to check the boxes, but strangely not only were the boxes now checked, but another little battery slip was attached where none had been before. The slip had the tire installation date.

    Owning a PHEV Honda is not for the meek. We may not inherit the earth, but we will flippin' well have fully functioning vehicles. I can hear them now, "OMG, here she comes again. I think it's my lunch hour."
  16. MNSteve

    MNSteve Well-Known Member

    Well put. And a shame. The Clarity has so much potential, both for the customer and the dealer.
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  17. GHTech

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    Picked up my 2018 Clarity Electric last Fri. Just checked for the body plugs, and they were missing. Went back to the dealer (Galpin Honda), and the Service Advisor asked and nobody knows about it. :) Wanted me to send him an email with the pictures I took. I said that I will send the part number from this thread. They are supposed to be the 2nd largest dealer.


  18. Should be in the trunk or glove box with the front license plate (if not installed). If there do it yourself.
    Easy job and no hassle with dealer.
  19. currypotter

    currypotter New Member

    Interesting to look at the posted PDI document. My dealer did not check the charger cable, was still in its original wrapping or charge the car. But did put the plugs underneath. I did find the piece of paper in the glove bock with all the items checked including "charge car". Well, the wheels haven't fallen off yet or the engine blown up.
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  20. GHTech

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    The license plate bracket was already installed. They had the plugs somewhere and installed it. Took about an hour for them to take it in and install, but that is now done. Now I need to check the tire pressure. And sell for Ford Focus Electric. :)

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