Level 1 extra cable?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by su_A_ve, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. Odobo

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    Cord Depot have some they categories for EV extension... I bought the 5-15 one with 12 gauge... Better be on the safe side
  2. weave

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    Be careful. I do believe you are not supposed to have an extension cord. I was paranoid and got myself a proper J1772 extension. Pricey but can also be useful when traveling and you can get near enough to the charger.


    FWIW: Amazon link above does not have any affiliate codes in it.
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    I'm already thinking about replacing my old Honda ST1100 motorcycle with an electric motorcycle. My hesitation right now is lack of storage in them. If they made a touring model with saddle bags I think I'd jump on it, after talking to my lawyer about the inevitable divorce papers I'd be getting served soon! :)
  4. su_A_ve

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    Well, that's exactly an extension cord :) For my once a week expected use, it's either that or do some sheet rock work in the garage to add an outlet...
  5. su_A_ve

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    For some reason the only thing I can find are 25ft or longer for a 12/3 extension cord. I guess that will do unless I decide on adding another outlet. Or make my own cable. May go for 10/3 and super duty plugs...
  6. KentuckyKen

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    If you only need a foot or so, look for a heavy duty short gray extension cord made for window air conditioners. I’ve seen them at my local big box hardware store and Wally World will ship for free. It will fit the bill. Just keep the brick and the cord connection off the floor and possible water contact.
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  7. Odobo

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    The reason why it's not recommended is because most people will just grab whatever extension cord they have at home and use it... If you spec out a proper extension cord and do what is needed to protect it from elements it will be fine.
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  8. Odobo

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    Shortest I can find is on McMaster but that's still 8 ft and shipping will cost a lot more than the cord.... I thought about making my own cord too but it will probably cost as much if not more anyway.

    That or do what KentuckyKen suggested. I am using a waterproof cord connection box as well to make sure it stay dry
  9. su_A_ve

    su_A_ve Active Member

    Found a 15 ft 12/3 contractor grade extension cord for $27 at Lowes (old price - went up to $33). Good point about keeping of the floor.
  10. KentuckyKen

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  11. I put my Factory Clarity charging cable on a "Kill a Watt" device today, and found that the draw it had from a 120v outlet while charging my car was 10.75 amps. The spike at the beginning was 11.13 amps. If Im looking at this correctly, I need to find a extension cord that can handle 15 amps. Most of the cords mentioned in previous posts cover that requirement. Interestingly, I looked into getting an extension cord capable of 20 amp usage, and quickly found myself looking at specialized cables used with RV's and generators. Not what I was looking for.
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  12. KentuckyKen

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    A 15 amp cord is sufficient since the stated max amp draw on the charger’s “brick” is listed at 12 Amps verified by your measured 11.13 Amp spike. The 15 Amp breaker and circut must be derated by 20% for continuous use and 80% of 15 is 12 Amps. Just get a 12 gauge 12-3 cord and you will be fine. Be sure to keep all connections dry and remember that extension cords aren’t allowed to run through walls or under doors.
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  13. I just used my outdoor extension cord for Christmas lightings, which I think about 16 ft and rated 15A/1800W. Got it at after Christmas clearance like $5 I think.
  14. Jaketesla

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    I recently went on vacation and rented a house for a week where I had to use an extension cord to an outdoor outlet. I bought a 25 ft. 12/3 cord rated for 15 amps. I used it every day for overnight charging with no problems at all. None of the connections got even slightly warm.
  15. Kranberry

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    Do you have the make and model of the lock? Have been trying to find a lock that has a shaft that is long enough and the diameter thin enough to use on the charger. So far haven't found anything that fits.
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  17. Kilroy

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    Cable based locks used for backpacks & luggage also work

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