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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Rob_v1, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. ryd994

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    Exactly, leave the pro jobs to the pros.

    You might want to consider a body shop from Honda's list https://owners.honda.com/collision/

    Another list to consider is AAA certified shop.
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    Lol yeah and for the group that insists after an accident you just “gotta take it to a Honda dealer”...I just did a quick search of Indianapolis metro area because I have a first hand professional knowledge of every major dealership and independent body shop in that area, and I was genuinely curious who Honda has chosen as the best of the best....

    12 Honda pro shops were located in my zip code search. Only ONE of the 12 Honda Pro shops was affiliated with a Honda dealer. The other 11 are all independent or chain body shops, completely unaffiliated with Honda in any way.

    I also know of a few more Honda dealers in Indy that definitely have decent body shops. Yet they did not come up on he list and are not Honda “pro certified” by the Honda corporation itself. So Honda chooses to direct people to independents over its own dealers in certain circumstances, seemingly because those dealers have been unable to profitably invest in the technology they need to do all collision repair up to Honda’s necessary standards. That’s how complex collision repair is becoming.

    I can confidently assure everyone that simply going to the dealer is NOT a guarantee of getting the best and most proper repair after an accident. It might be, but It’s a dice roll. Research first.
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    She wasn't hurt. Just shook up and embarrassed. She hit the accelerator instead of the brake and clipped the garage right side door frame then steered into the rear of the Clarity on the left and ended up crashed into the left side garage wall. State Farm insurance covered the car repair and an additional $7000 in damage to the garage. The crash is a sound I will never forget. Three months later and it still is unsettling.
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    Oh, she was in the car. I was envisioning a different and highly unusual scenario given the description provided.
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    Exactly, and you may need to cut her off after 2 drinks.

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