Is my brake working correctly?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by ryd994, May 22, 2018.

  1. LegoZ

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    Do you have any pictures of the damage and any idea how fast you were going at time of impact?
  2. Thomas Mitchell

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    While ACC May have been in use, ultimately it is Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) and Forward Collision Warning (FCW) that should have saved your bacon.

    One can increase the alert distance in the Vehicle Settings menu in order to (possibly) provide more time to react in such conditions. I don’t believe it affects the braking response, though.
  3. Lowell_Greenberg

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    This makes sense. Also if the rain somehow impaired the ACC system, the car should have warned the driver.

    If the driver tries to brake, does the pre collision braking "defer" to the user, or will it brake by itself if a collision is imminent? Does the Clarity reduce throttle/speed when approaching a vehicle? How does ACC and pre-collision features interact? As this driver illustrates, these questions are far from academic.

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  4. LegoZ

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    The car also has brake assist which should hit the brakes really hard in the right conditions when you hit the brakes. It’s independent of all the other features. Somehow it detects a panic brake and applys full braking. While verifying the Clarity still has this (my 2013 Civic Hybrid did) I found a note about drying the brakes.

    DA31ED68-B8F3-4E9A-9628-98266B7D9323.png 9A2641C2-1931-4B5E-8490-AD2F9A8D8E84.png

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