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  1. I am considering a PHEV and really like the Ioniq PHEV, at least on paper. I have owned two Elantras, so am comfortable with Hyundai. The sweet spot for my budget is the 2017. I have a few questions:
    1) Can you manually switch between ICE and EV mode?
    2) When driving at interstate speeds, does the ICE charge the battery?
    3) Is it possible to get more than 29 miles in city driving on EV mode? My commute is 35 miles.
  2. Domenick

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    I haven't looked into all your questions, but I can say that, under the right conditions (weather, slower speeds, conservative driving style) it should be quite feasible to exceed the 29 miles of expected range.
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    The car does have an EV mode selector. So you can drive the car on the traction battery without use the gas engine.

    The traction battery is air cooled. So it's not a car I would recommend buying for warm climates.
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    1. Yes
    2. Every time you brake, you’re adding some juice to battery. But once you’ve exhausted the 29 (more or less) miles, it’s more like a regular hybrid. Think Prius.
    3. My wife’s Ioniq PHEV gets maybe 26 or 27 highway EV miles (75 mph). I’ve gotten close to 40 driving town miles. So, it depends.

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