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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by ProspectiveBuyer, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. insightman

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    There's a good reason Michigan's auto insurance is so expensive. Michigan has mandatory no-fault insurance that includes unlimited-cost personal injury protection that continues after an accident injury for the rest of your life. If I'm injured in an auto accident, I'll be happy I've been paying Michigan's higher rates to get this coverage.

    The politicians running Michigan have repeatedly attempted to eliminate this unlimited cost, unlimited length of care insurance, claiming insurance costs will certainly decrease dramatically--but they won't do anything to guarantee the reduced-coverage auto insurance will cost less.
  2. Jarome

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    I had to fight my insurance company. They used the wrong rates for my PHEV. It was NOT listed on their chart.
  3. Arthur Picard

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    I'm in Ma. went from '12 MKZ hybrid to Clairity touring, wife's lease ram out 16 Jetta she got a 19 Jetta rates went up $135/year for both. I pay $98/ month to Mapfre through AAA. I had Liberty Mutual they wanted $300/month for our older cars.
  4. Brian Harrison

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    My rate went up a lot as well going from a 2012 Subaru. Switched to Progressive and saved a bunch.
  5. Dan Albrich

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    I have a few vehicles under a state farm policy. My car was a Subaru 2003 Outback Station wagon. My rates went up about $35/mo with new clarity.
    I don't know what normal is, and especially with car insurance rate vary a lot by population density. i.e. I live in rural location, but it always matter if you are in a city (where insurance rates are higher across the board).
  6. Does anyone happen to have the State Farm rate codes for the PHEV Clarity. Want to make sure my agent got the right code ..
  7. PHEV Newbie

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    I think the right advice is to shop around if your rate goes up a lot. Since the Clarity is so new, insurance companies have no real basis to set rates other than the MSRP. Some companies will charge high rates to avoid losses while others will just treat it like a Honda Accord Touring (similar MSRP and size). When they get some claims data (unlikely for some time though, there's so few Claritys out there), rates will equalize.
  8. currypotter

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    Washington State.

    Quote # 1 2018 HONDA CLARITY TERR:057

    BIPD 250/500/100 $200.56
    UU1 250/500/100 $89.36
    PIP $10000 $37.47
    COMP $100 DED $36.27
    COLL $1000 DED $159.00
    R1 80%/1000 $9.59


    For the poster with Liberty Mutual, I get it. When I had my i3 REX the rate kept going up and went to $1800 a year under Liberty Mutual despite no accidents, tickets in 17 years and a credit score of 800+. When I switched to State Farm along with house insurance, it dropped to $1184, same coverage level.
  9. dnb

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    Annual or 6 month?? I just swapped to them from LM (also like OP was using Liberty Mutual and the rates skyrocketed)
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  10. currypotter

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    Sorry. 6 months.

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