I hit 100,000 miles!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by StickWare, Apr 3, 2020.

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    Stickware’s use case is more intensive than the typical use case. It is promising to know he has not seen any significant issues.
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    Agree. I have never experienced the loss of power some describe when driving with zero (2 bars...sometimes 1 bar) battery. Engine races yes, but acceleration never drops for me. The same power is always on tap regardless of state of charge.
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  3. Stickware did not “report” any significant issues, which is good. The car has been operating in HV Mode for 90-95% of those miles, so more like an ICE than an EV. In typical Honda fashion, one would not expect any major problems after a few years and 100K miles.

    We have very little information other than the miles driven, mostly in HV with depleted batteries and a tire change at 50K.

    A common concern is battery degradation and longevity. This is an interesting case in that the batteries have been kept at a low SOC for...who knows how long they’ve owned the car? Many owners here are obsessed over the number of charge cycles and percentage of charge and discharge while operating the vehicle.

    Here we have a case where a car may have had fewer charge cycles after 100K miles than mine has had in less than 10K. Interesting for sure.
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    Yeah Stickware, when you have time, check back in with us. Many people interested in more information from you.
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    Has any one inquired , how much new battery along with installation cost for our claity ? Recently I was reading for tesla that they are introducing in china with 1 million mile battery with zero cobalt in it today
  6. It won’t cost a dime until after the warranty expires. So right now the answer is $0.

    There’s no telling what battery technology will be 8-10 years from now, or what the cost will be.
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    @StickWare Hi, I think that a lot of people here want to know if you got any problem with your car and what's the maximum range of your electric mode only (normally 47 miles ... 75 km). Really eager to read your answer and have a great day.
  8. 90-95% of the driving done by Stickware has been in HV mode with the Lithium batteries depleted.

    This is not a good candidate for a case study in EV range.
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    Or it can tell us how good Honda’s BMS really is.
  10. Not in this case. We can surmise that the lithium batteries have had very few full or partial charge cycles over the past 100K miles. They have been at 0 EV range “most of the time”. This is actually a ~10-15% SOC and HV mode has attempted to maintain this SOC while the vehicle was in operation. The BMS has not had much of an opportunity to do anything, other than maintain the battery at the lowest recommended SOC.

    I’d like to see a battery capacity test from Stickware’s car and I’d like to see test results from another Clarity PHEV that has 100K miles of mostly EV driving and perhaps 2000 charge cycles.
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    I disagree. We would get to see how well the BMS manages the HV battery at the lower state of charge. There are a lot of people on this forum that refuse to let the EV miles get down to 0 because they are afraid it will hurt the HV battery (I know there's another set of people who don't let it get down to 0 simply because the car drives better having a higher state of charge before switching to HV mode). My point is, I'd be extremely interested in seeing what 80k+ miles of driving the car with 0 EV range has done to the battery capacity. If it hasn't affected the capacity much, then Honda has done a good job with their BMS. The car "should" have been designed to work exactly as the OP has used it - drive it until the EV range depletes, then run as a hybrid. Very hopeful that Stickware will update us.
  12. I’d like to see a battery capacity test as well.

    The manual states how the lithium batteries should be maintained, and that is to fully charge them prior to each trip. That is not how the vehicle in question has been operated.

    Lithium batteries are much more difficult to murder than FLA’s. Each of us operate the car under a unique set of variables. Some make every effort to keep the batteries between 40-80%, others go 100-0-100 every day. Stickware has been operating on depleted batteries for 80-90K miles.

    In my opinion, a battery capacity test from Stickware’s car will give us a better indication of the quality of the batteries than the capabilities of the BMS.
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    The BMS is inconsequential. It is using active balancing at low current per cell. The balance current per cell is less than 2 amps. I agree, would love to see a BCT from Stickware's car.


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    I happen to be going in for service on Tuesday. Should I ask for it any other way besides, "May you do a battery capacity test for me?"
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    Yes, you must be VERY specific. Otherwise they may just test your 12V battery.

    I have attached the PDI document that defines what you want...
    Look at Item 4 (on page 13). Print this page, take it with you, and tell them you want them to check the HV battery pack capacity per these PDI instructions.

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