Hyundai will idle plants in South Korea due to coronavirus

Discussion in 'General' started by ericy, Feb 5, 2020.

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    The coronavirus is providing a lesson in how much the world’s car factories revolve around China.

    Hyundai, the world’s fifth-largest automaker, said Tuesday that it was temporarily stopping production lines at its factories in South Korea because of shortages of Chinese parts.

    The Hyundai shutdowns — the first factory lines to be idled outside China — could portend much more serious disruptions in the complex networks that supply automakers with essential components and materials.​

    This isn't EV specific, of course, and it hints at similar issues for other automakers.
  2. Tesla is in the same situation:
    I suspect most China manufactured products will see delays as well.
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    something like this will stop many just in time production lines. many carry a few pieces made in china
    with the new year holiday there may have been stockpiling for maybe a week, but that excess is running out.
    and 3000 flights a day cancelled is pummeling oil prices too.
    drops another $40 it might compete with electric.
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  6. And hopefully all the coal roller pick-ups on the road.
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