Hydrogen is the new Enron

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    Earlier on Hydrogen was associated with Jeremy Rifken and a hydrogen economy but that envisaged sun powered sea water derived hydrogen and it gave way to a batteries solar/wind and his newer visions on green which don't include hydrogen.

    Remember Enron the Natural Gas scam? It about bankrupted CA and it drove Davis from office for being bullied into a manufactured rate hike scam on power, which trickled into higher vehicle license fees. It led to rolling black outs which were done just to blackmail the government into caving on their rate ransom demands- the Bush Admin was totally complicit. And in the interim there has been all this profit at 4 billion a year for PG&E alone and that was money that did not get spent on undergrounding lines which led to the recent fires and deaths and more black out that only seem to occur during Republic admins. Then there were the constant PG&E gas leaks at Aliso Viejo under Obama which gassed people out of their homes but were used as an pretense like so many other apparently manufactured crises to drive more unnecessary rate increases so that CA pays 4x what Kentucky pays for the same product.

    The natural gas industry is going under. But it thinks it can trick people into powering their cars with NG disguised as hydrogen. But it would have to either sequester its carbon (not reliable or economical) or electrically extract hydrogen from sea water- again 3x more expensive just like sequestration when it already can't compete. It doesn't want to do either it wants to have people buy hydrogen vehicles and then it just converts natural gas and continues to pollute as usual. That is simply not going to happen. That bridge fuel nonsense means not meeting any of the climate change goals. That kind of thieving from the public and undermining of public policy will not happen.

    But in the mean time we have fossil fuel shills on here like Nedelea writing about how the UK government idiotically is giving Tata public money for the FCV scam? How is that news except to highlight a scam? Those will never be clean vehicles? This is just like his other stuff where he wrote a whole article about how he prefers an old ICE BMW to a Model 3 and it thinks it is actually a better more justifiable purchase.

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