Honda reliability?

Discussion in 'Honda' started by PetterJhon, Dec 20, 2018.

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    Hello everyone,,
    Not everyone can go wrong buying a Honda. They may not be perfect in design, but they have high quality standards. Other manufactures now do too, but at least Honda has been consistent with their reliability.

    I wouldn't say Honda's reliability has gone down, rather some of their design has. A lot of people say that was due to their old president who's idea was to maintain, not innovate. But the new (as of 2015) president of Honda wants to see more innovative vehicles. I think their on the up and up however cause they sell a shitton of the new civics and the new accords coming out soon...
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    Never heard the word "...shitton..." now that's funny. I'm going to use it in the future.

    Honda cars are fine. This is my first Honda and have no second thoughts about the purchase of the Clarity at all. Most cars these days are pretty reliable at least for 5 years or so.

    Good luck.
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    For the Clarity, the drive train is an improved version (and basically identical to the current Accord and Insight hybrids, and the not yet released CR-V) of the previous generation Accord Hybrid, which has proven reliable. It's the big battery that turns it into a PHEV. Consumer Reports nailed the Clarity, not because of actual major issues like drive train, suspension, etc, but because people complained about software glitches (mostly the HV range estimate) or characteristics that are the normal operation of the car (like the ICE coming on when going downhill on a full battery). Most new owners don't understand how the Clarity operates so anything weird, and there's a lot that's unusual, they call a defect, even when it's not. For me, the build quality is first rate and I've had no reliability issues at all after a full year (apart from the inaccurate HV range estimate). I get EV range and HV mileage well beyond the EPA estimates and the driving dynamic is better than I expected for a PHEV. It has exceeded my expectations. I would be happy if I paid $37,000 but paying a net of $27,000 (it's even cheaper now!), it's an amazing bargain.
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    My issue has been solved.....

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