Gordon Johnson invoking Trump to come down hard on Tesla

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    Who pays Gordon Johnson to lie to the public about the public interest? This is the first question people should ask. This guy is stating that Tesla has laid people off in the US in order to outsource to China. Across the last 2 years Tesla has a net positive employment in the US by a good clip. This is certainly way better than GM where greater layoffs had Trump threaten to pull their off the record secret subsidies ha, which Tesla certainly doesn't receive! And Tesla is doing in China what Trump claims he wants. Tesla now appears to be more successful in China than any US firm by far along the lines Trump was saying he wanted! Johnson also misstates where the lower price Model 3s would come from.

    When people look at this type of paid BS they should ask who they would rather have corrupt their government, a foreign state like Russia or Exxon? Getting rid of the fairness doctrine, which was about preventing bribery based government and bribery based law and preventing the undermining of elections through sponsorship is part of what allowed this type of co-option of democracy. The sponsor doorway which must be closed is what allowed this. Yahoo finance is a prime example of this type of garbage

    Notice how many lies are pushed in this click bait article, trying to push the quality lie etc. Aside from the BMW's electric, talk to people about BMW's quality- it isn't there anymore at all, so quality in comparison to exactly what? Tesla's has been good enough to decimate the American Luxury segment across its spectrum and make a profit doing it while selling electric cars. Try to find comparisons between the Model 3 and the BMW 3 series, you can't because the Model 3 is so much better BMW is likely threatening pulling its sponsorship (see the kick back conflict of interest- there is nothing more basic you lose your rights and become property over sponsorship) to any media entity that does these comparisons. This reminds of BMW and Ford having recall issues for fires but all the news was about Tesla supposedly having that problem. Or take the idea that Tesla's are supposedly having trouble in the climate change caused polar vortex- Tesla's don't need block heaters hence their massive popularity in Norway and Sweden but to cover ICE garbage getting disabled in the cold all the garbage media covers is Tesla's strength as if it were weakness (a tactic Goebbles came up with,) trying to claim greatly reduced range when again Norway and Sweden are proof of Tesla's actual cold weather advantage. But also notice that Gordon Johnson as a fossil fuel short shill seems to begging/invoking Trump- this is short desperation.

    Here is another example of a garbage article by Inverse: https://www.inverse.com/article/50944-tesla-semi-launch-date-price-features-specs-and-more

    First off the article author straight up lies by promising in the title to provide the Semi release date but within the article there is not actual mention of the date. But the point of the article is not to provide the actual date but to lie about the number of pre-orders- to apparently quite intentionally radically understate the number of Tesla Semi pre-orders by an order of magnitude and then try to name drop a long tailpipe hydrogen scam vaporware claimed competitor. This was just paid to lie garbage ahead of the Tesla earnings report. Tesla should trace this back to the shorts and fossil fuel and create heat for the SEC. If your a so-called journalist or press member (and there should be no special accommodation for the bought and paid for press that average citizens don't have- both should have more rights than they currently do save the right to lie especially for pay)- if you're member of that profession and you do this lie for pay thing even one time that career should be over because this is a bear false witness level of lying. Do a whole article with false claims in the title to try to peddle comparative demand lies involving pre-orders. So who paid Inverse to print these lies?

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