Focus EV Ford Fusion Plug-In will soon be gone (along with all Ford sedans)

Discussion in 'Ford' started by WadeTyhon, Apr 25, 2018.

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    The Sedan is dead at Ford in North America- only the Mustang and a crossover-ish Focus will remain in the US and Canada.

    "Ford said it won’t invest in new generations of sedans for the North American market, eventually reducing its car lineup to the Mustang and an all-new Focus Active crossover coming next year. By 2020, almost 90 percent of its portfolio in the region will be pickups, SUVs and commercial vehicles."

    “For Ford, doubling down on trucks and SUVs could be just what the brand needs,” Jessica Caldwell, an analyst for, said in an email. “But this move isn’t without risk: Ford is willingly alienating its car owners and conceding market share.”
    “The hand-wringing that has been around in our business is gone,” he said. “We’re starting to understand what we need to do and are making clear decisions.”

    Ford is trying to make it sound like they're determined to be successful and primed for a turnaround. To me, the language used sounds like desperation.

    The C-Max was already confirmed to be dead. The Fusion, Focus and Fiesta are now going to be gone by about 2020. (Except for a Focus crossover-like vehicle.)

    Even as a person who prefers hatchbacks and small crossovers, I personally think this is a terrible decision. There are plenty of drivers like my wife that want sedans! Fiat recently made a similar move. Even at the currently depressed sedan sales, Ford is leaving 40,000+ sales a month on the table for other automakers to pick up.

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