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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by MBW NJ, May 7, 2021.

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  1. MBW NJ

    MBW NJ New Member

    Hi All,
    I'm a new Kona EV owner, and I've looked everywhere, but can't find an answer (if there is one). When I start the car, the Climate Fan runs. I can "turn down" the fan speed to 1, but that's as low as it can go. Is there any way to turn the fan off entirely? I know I can close the vents, but I'm looking to be even more efficient.
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  3. Try the OFF silver square tab on the panel
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  4. Climate settings can be controlled for the three drive modes. It may be that your default mode is presently set to have certain climate settings on. You can also just press Stop in the climate control panel below the screen.
  5. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    Yes, the OFF button. And if you leave the system in "face only" mode, you can then set it to
    "recirculate" mode and the system won't self-revert to fresh-air mode by itself a few minutes
    later. Between that and closing the delivery vents, that's how to flow the least amount of air
    through the system. Since I almost always have windows at least cracked if not more open,
    I don't fog up inside.

  6. MBW NJ

    MBW NJ New Member

    Although suggestions that I overlooked the OFF button seem to be the obvious solution....I have airflow after hitting the off button. It appears that even after shutting off the fan, the vehicle continues to allow outside air to enter the cabin. I shut the vents to prevent that breeziness. I asked to make sure that the fan wasn't doing some kind of generated (i.e. using power) airflow.
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  8. Adjusting the various air outlet options may make a difference in what you may perceive as fan fed air flow. After pressing Climate (upper right button), when I choose the front vents there is a distinct, palpable flow of air. I keep flow set up to the windshield which totally eliminates flow from the front vents. Keep in mind that the vehicle will continue to allow outside air to flow unless you press the Recirculate button below the Climate button, although this will only temporarily prevent outside air to enter. The engineers made the decision to keep fresh air flowing.
  9. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    If you set "face"delivery, the auto-revert to fresh air mode doesn't happen. At least on my
    2019. I also set "driver only" and close those two vents. No more drafts from there; then
    it's all about windows.

    No idea why "face mode" is special. Humidity is humidity.

  10. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    In leafing through the manual for the 2021, I happened to find that the "face mode recirculation
    hack" is actually documented. But it appears to be more complex than that, involving specific
    actions to disable the revert-to-fresh-air behavior. Now the manual describes:

    When the air conditioning system is on, select Face Level mode and press the recirculation
    mode button five times within three seconds while pressing A/C button.

    When the Automatic Ventilation feature is enabled, the recirculation button LED indicator
    will blink 5 times.

    When the Automatic Ventilation feature is disabled, recirculation button LED indicator
    will blink 3 times.
    Why something this simple has to be yet another chicken-dance, I cannot fathom... I'll have to
    wait until cooler weather to see if it matters. So far face-mode keeps it from auto-reverting
    anyway in summer temps; the manual says the threshold is below 59F/15C.

    And that doesn't fix the fact that the intake flap always OPENS when you power down the car.
    That's stupid, and exactly why I put an anti-rodent screen across the intake opening under
    the wiper cowl.

  11. Tim94549

    Tim94549 Active Member

    Also, even if you have everything set to OFF, you will get AIR FLOW if you have the Sun Roof opened/cracked. The only way I found to stop the air is to close the Sun Roof as well.
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    EVRIGREEN Member

    This is so funny! After having the car TWO YEARS and being a bit annoyed that I couldn't turn the fan off, I was in my car last week with my daughter who asked "Why is the fan on?" I said, "You can't shut it off. It's so annoying." And then she hit the 'off' button and it stopped. I laughed until tears. Felt like a big dummy.

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