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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by ehatch, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. ehatch

    ehatch Member

    I don't think this is a duplicate. My speedometer , and vehicle information display went dark. Yet things like the SOC , regeneration meter, indicator, Auto.high beam, light was visible.

    kona display gone_20190911a-1.jpg
  2. Esprit1st

    Esprit1st Well-Known Member

    Yeah, this happened to a handful of drivers. They said it worked again the next time they started the car. Definitely a bug, not a feature.

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  3. BC-Doc

    BC-Doc Member

    Happened to me twice I believe several months ago.
    Reset after turning car off for a few minutes.
    Hasn’t recurred since.
  4. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    This is a new one, when my screen went blank it at least displayed open door. Check 12V battery voltage (just to eliminate 12.6 V min)
  5. ehatch

    ehatch Member

    The night it happened. I drove in circles in a dead end street after restarting twice. It didn't reappear. I gave up. Grateful I had a H.U.D.,otherwise Hyundai would need to help me with a speeding ticket... Of course when this speedometer black out happened I had to be driving an ICE person,so not exactly confidence inspiring for buying an EV when I had about 80% SOC :rolleyes: They asked me" do you have enough charge?"
    @BC-Doc MY speedometer reappeared the next day. Need an update because it's a safety thing to see speed?
    @electriceddy I won't be checking my 12V. I don't have anything to do this with. Will let the dealership figure it out. Firmware is probably the fix.
  6. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    That is what they will look for but it appears to be a somewhat reoccurring software issue with dash display ( going blank in some format or another)
    At least you had HUD which I didn't check when my occurrence happened as I don't use it except at low light levels.
  7. popnfrresh

    popnfrresh Member

    Seems to resolve itself after car is off for 10 minutes....
  8. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

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