Delivery time for 2020 Kona Canada!

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Rover, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. Rover

    Rover New Member

    In Canada'
    For those who already got their 2020 Kona EVs, How long it took you from placing your order to delivery?
  2. Just over 7 months.
  3. Things haven't changed much, ordered July 17 '18 received Feb 25 '19.:rolleyes:
  4. Llorgon

    Llorgon Member

    We placed our order a few weeks ago and were told estimates are 3 months... Hopefully it's not 7.
  5. Five months for me.
  6. Rover

    Rover New Member

    I placed my order late Oct. 2019, did not hear from dealer yet.
  7. HydrogenCyanide

    HydrogenCyanide New Member

    I placed my order November 10th. Originally, my dealer told my March. After following up last week, they are now saying first week of May. He also mentioned to me that they are no longer able to take orders for 2020 Kona EV due to the extensive backlog. I'm in Ontario.

    Due to this delay it may make more sense for me to go with the Model Y. A little more money but I am sure they will produce them at a much higher rate than Hyundai is doing with the Kona's.
  8. I am a little surprised they would indeed be shutting down orders this early in the model year. I would double check with another dealer. I really like my Kona but if I was back here again and the model Y was imminently available it would be a serious contender as well.
  9. You may not have to wait long for the "Y" as it is set to hit the U.S. market in February:
  10. What I can't figure out is why they have to be ordered in Canada but there are hundreds (over 360) on dealer lots in Southern California. I just checked the Hyundai website and it shows 363 with in a 250 mile radius of Los Angeles. Seems like with a little logistical planing they could build more for Canada and less for California and get them to every one who would like them.
  11. Hyundai'll sell all the California ones in no time. That's all they care about
  12. Hyundai may be having a slowdown in sales in the U.S.and particular in California (despite the rebate available), due to this lease competition from G.M. :
  13. Lex23

    Lex23 Member

    I ordered mine mid-May and got it January 11th, but they actually gave mine away end of November cuz I wanted to wait for the extra rebate in January (scrap it program in BC).. it worked out for me as I got the blue one instead of black that I ordered (my second option was blue but didn’t go with it first as I couldn’t see the colour in person and was hesitant it would look as nice as it does)... I ended up liking the blue better..

    Totally worth the wait! Even that I was going nuts for months waiting..

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  14. Ordered my Preferred mid-July. Hoping that Apu's 7 month wait would be applicable to me too, being in a province without a ZEV target or rebate beyond the federal, but unless I get a call before this week is done, doesn't look like that's going to be the case!
  15. HydrogenCyanide

    HydrogenCyanide New Member

    This wait for a new car seems ridiculous. How is it that Tesla can pump out 100,000's of EV's and established automakers like Hyunda, GM and VW struggle to get out even a fraction of that number. It's almost like they are trying to lose.
  16. And in this morning's New York Times: "Hyundai Motor said it will suspend production in South Korea due to the coronavirus outbreak disrupting parts supply, becoming the first major automaker to do so outside China."

    California and 10 other states require car manufacturers to meet a quota of low emission vehicles (or buy credits from other manufacturers) in order to keep selling dirty cars. That's why the Kona EV is sold only in those states. Does Canada have a similar requirement?
  17. Rover

    Rover New Member

    This wait for a new car seems ridiculous. How is it that Tesla can pump out 100,000's of EV's and established automakers like Hyunda, GM and VW struggle to get out even a fraction of that number. It's almost like they are trying to lose.[/QUOTE]

    good question, they blame it on batteries availability and now, Hyundai has just announced that it will limit production due to limited supplies because of the Corona virus; I don't know if this will effect deliveries of Kona EV in Canada or not.
    I put my order in late Oct 2019 with a delivery promise of Jun/Jul 2020. This is when I return my current lease.
    I will give it another month; by end of Aug 2020, if I don't have the Kona, I am going for a Tesla - a second Tesla.
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  18. I find it crazy that Hyundai is going into the Kona's second year of production and they seem to have made minimal improvements in production capacity despite indications that demand and interest is increasing. The limited battery supply excuse is getting kind of old. If its any consolation to the folks waiting, we really enjoy our Kona and in the end it was worth the wait. I think I would be very sad if our Kona was written off as I still don't see a market equivalent for the money. Yes model Y will be available soon but its going to be a lot more expensive.
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  19. Ray C

    Ray C New Member

    7months for me, got mine mid December

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