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    May sales of used Mirai are up at 47 sold, recovery is starting from the pandemic. 11 added for sale. Average sale price $17,189 (based on advertised price). Tustin continues to command a $7,000 premium, but only 6 sold. 81% Toyota Certified which means they had extended warranty and 3 year free fuel card. Average asking price is now $15,508. 11 cars have been on the market for more than a year, mostly the cheapest available.

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    June sales for used Mirai in California are slightly up from May at 45, I guess I expected more. Cars added is 80, close to a record. When a lot of cars are added for sale the following months sales are higher as sales people work harder to clear their lots. Percent certified is down to 44% and also average price at $15,469.

    You may notice that previous month's data changes when I upload a new chart. This is because I go back and re-calculate prior 2 or 3 months due to cars marked as sold being returned to the dealer and are back on the market. MiraiUsed_2020-06-30.jpg

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    I am very surprised that Toyota has not published its Q2 sales results yet. I decided to create a chart showing new FCV sales by quarters and you can see that the sales jump all over the place. Even worse if monthly. Since there is no official Mirai sales for Q2 I have put in best estimate.
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    Huge jump in both sales and cars added to the used Mirai market. 124 used Mirai sold in July and 112 added to the market. 72% sold were Toyota certified with 3 years free fuel. Average selling price $15,839. Iv'e been expecting over 100 Mirai to enter the market each month for some time because most are 3 year leased and sales/leases have been generally over 100/mth since October 2016.

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