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    When I had the Ioniq, in sub zero temps, the biggest issue was keeping my legs warm and maximizing my low electric range before going back to ice mode. This should work well as its pulling juice from the 12v battery.
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    Please note that you can set the heater alone to Eco mode from the touch screen in your EV settings. No need to change drive mode.
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    Leaf owner chiming in here. I generally only use the heater when the temp drops below freezing. Above that I find the heated seats and steering wheel are good enough as you're dressed for winter anyhow. Like some others have commented my lower legs can get pretty cold. Long thermal underwear can help greatly but I can end up being too warm at destination sites. I don't preheat. Just get in and go.

    I can be in and out of my car several times a day and I find that the car isn't getting hot enough to evaporate the snow build up in the mats. Can't even bring them inside to thaw out and clean as they are frozen solid to the floor. Ahead of next winter I'm going to get the Weather Tech custom plastic floor trays.
  5. Today I paid attention to numbers for a winter round trip. Left at 100%, travelled 125 miles at about 65-75mph (heat on, 3 passengers), ~30 degrees. Arrived with 35% SOC. (That equates to ~190 miles total range).

    EVGo 50kW fast charger, only gave me 34kw before the return trip (perhaps because the car had been sitting for a few hours, so the battery was cold?). I wasn't thrilled with that, and it made for a moderately pricey charge.

    On the return I decided to take a more direct route, on slower roads (about 5 minutes longer) and that made a noticeable improvement in terms of range. We started at 70%, went 115 miles and arrived with 20% SOC. I'm pretty happy with that, getting 3.5 mi/kw and a total range of ~210 for the slightly slower return trip. Looking forward to seeing what kind of range we can get spring sets in, and we can take the snow tires off for the first time ever.
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  6. Since I got delivery of our Kona in the depths of Canadian winter I guess I have had no perspective except cold winter range. Today has been the first day above zero Celsius probable since late November. I think it got up to 4C, it was warm enough that I did not feel the need for heating, big difference from -16C two days ago. Anyway, my consumption went down by 1/2 and was virtually spot on with yours at 4.75 miles/kw(7.6 km/kw) at similar temperature. I suspect I might even done better without the melting snow on the ground and my high rolling resistance snow tires.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  7. Heat wave effects:D
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    Here in NE Connecticut the winter's been fairly mild, but with temps hovering around the freezing range with the heat set to 70 degrees I'm getting about 3.5 miles/kwh, which at our high electricity rates (about 21.5 cents per kwh) comes to a little more than 6 cents per mile. Compared with our 30 mpg Forester at 9 cents per mile, it's still no contest. Total range has been around 235-240 miles. Can't wait until Spring and the heat's off.
  9. :eek:With those rates I would seriously consider augmenting my electrical system with solar.
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    Lol I thought about that, but we're heavily wooded with a lot of shade, plus with installation costs and maintenance fees it's just not a viable option. Still the EV is not just more economical and maintenance free, it's green and a lot of fun to drive. We're looking to sell our almost new Subaru and leasing a Tesla as well as keeping the Kona. Another fossil car is just not in our future.
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  11. Never get tired of hearing positive feedback - enjoy!

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