Cluster Control Logic Improvement Service Campaign - HCE 18-92-E510

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Vanryan, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Vanryan

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    I am not sure if this was previously posted but I got a recall notice for Cluster Control Logic Improvement Service Campaign - HCE 18-92-E510 and had it applied today. I can't find any details on what it changes however, one significant change that I noticed is that each time I restart the car, my re-gen settings change from level 3 (where I like it) back to level 1.

    Is this normal for how everyone else's cars work? I have an early VIN (Aug 2018 manufacture date) so I was wondering if newer models all work like this? I am not a fan of this setting as I much preferred having it stay at full re-gen.
  2. Did you set the drive mode regen settings on the relevant menu back to your prefered choice? Sounds like the settings were reset to defaults.
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  3. Vanryan

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    There is no setting that I can find that allows you to always default at level 3 re-gen. Only menu I see is convenience—>Smart Regeneration On. I have that on but that doesn’t help when you want to slow for a red light.
  4. mikeselectricstuff

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    There are user-settable default regen settings for each of the different drive modes -
    It's on the infotainment system, in All menus->Settings->vehicle
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  5. Vanryan

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    thanks @mikeselectricstuff that was the issue. I forgot I changed those when I first got the car!
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  6. Only heard of this update on the U.K. forum ( It was to do with an after image on LCD after ign. off) :
    What are the last 6 digits in your S/N (mine is 022465- MF date Dec 22/18)
    I know you are in B.C., wonder if there are any other early models out there in N.A.
  7. Vanryan

    Vanryan Member

    I have an early model. MF Date - Aug 2018 last numbers on mine are 005216. I did have the rocking that they mentioned in the post you linked. Thanks for this. I'll check to see if this helps now.
  8. That is a low S/N, I'm surprised, when did you pre-order? (mine was July 17th)
  9. Vanryan

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    i bought mine as a cancelled order. Picked it up on Feb 4th.

    By the way I do think that this software change did make a noticeable change to the brakes. Thanks for letting me know!
  10. Glad it worked for you, I think this update is for early models only but happy to see Hyundai is on top of it.

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