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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Danks, Sep 4, 2019.

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    I stopped by a tire shop today and talked to them about dealing with the resonators on the wheels. They asked two pretty good questions. The first, Do the resonators go all the way around the wheel? It doesn't look like it from the picture posted on the forum here. The second question, Are the resonators always on the same part of the wheel? Apparently they have worked on some other cars that have something in the wheel that is always opposite the valve stem. That helps them know to be more careful in that area.

    So is is correct that the resonator does not go all the way around the wheel? Is the resonator in a predictable place so it can be avoided? If so, where?
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    Here's an illustration of the resonators, but it doesn't show how many there are or indicate how to predict their locations. I'm sure someone on this forum (someone like @Robert_Alabama) has seen them with their own eyes and will report.

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    I have a spare wheel from a FCV Clarity (black wheel that I repainted to silver). It has two of the resonators exactly like the one in @insightman's post. There is one on each semicircular half of the wheel. The valve stem is exactly between the two. The point of the wheel exactly opposite the valve stem will be exactly in the middle of the space between the two resonators as well.
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    Thank you. That is really helpful information. From the picture and your description it sounds like each resonator covers about 1/4 the wheel. I'm thinking 1/4 resonator, then 1/4 space, 1/4 resonator, and 1/4 space.
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    Here are pics of the BEV Clarity wheel resonators showing the valve stem (apologies for earlier post saying it was from FCV... I had forgotten which had the black wheels, the BEV or the FCV.)...
    wheel1.jpg wheel2.jpg
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    Thanks. That is a lot closer to what I was understanding from your description and the illustration @insightman posted. With these I can show the tire shop and hopefully help them not break the resonators. Saved me a thousand words.
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    For completeness, here is a photo of the side opposite the valve stem...
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    Having changed a few tires in my years... Looks like there is a rim on the black side can keep the loose tire from breaking the resonator. This is the side the tire needs to be removed and mounted. (Outside of wheel, given location of valve stem.)

    The grey side looks like it is tapered that would push the loose tire into the resonator... Removing or mounting the tire from this side would destroy the resonator. After the tire is on the wheel, the bead will ride up the grey taper, and seat the bead properly.
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