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    Been trying to get a Clarity EV in Southern California. Reaching out to multiple dealers and none of them have them in stock, and they certainly don't seem interested in selling them. They will either try to upsell you to a PHEV, and when you decline they just disregard you for wasting their time.

    A little backstory - had a Clarity PHEV. Loved it. Didn't plan on selling it, but got an unexpected offer for it and I didn't pass it up thinking I'd just replace it with another Clarity, but an EV one this time. I do alot of short range driving, lower lease only price, plus I would prefer to have a fast charger than a Level 2. Going to try for a couple more months. If not then I'll have to explore other EV options.
  2. jack.

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    If you're anywhere near San Diego, I just bought one from DCH Honda of Mission Valley this week. They had at least a couple of Touring models left and they gave me the $1500 and $6000 dealer incentives without any hassle.

    BLAZETIGER New Member

    They had the Clarity Electric? Just looked them up, and their inventory only shows hybrids. It's a drive, but, I'll call and if they have it I'll make the drive!
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    Ah sorry, misread your post. They just have the PHEVs as far as I know.

    BLAZETIGER New Member

    Yeah. Just got off the phone with them. No Clarity Electrics. They said they only carry hybrids and the closest market would be in the LA area.
  6. DucRider

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    BLAZETIGER New Member

    I've gone through the list of authorized dealers in Southern California listed on Honda's website. Haven't tried Nor Cal though.

    I'll try the list. Appreciate the link.
  8. Mechy

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    Yes, that is how it is getting an electric. I almost gave up but lucked out.

    Want a test drive? Forget about it. Test the PHEV in electric mode if you need to (but even then I couldn't find one). Don't expect them to sell you the car. They don't make any money through the BEV (it goes to Honda, not the dealer). They don't seem interested because they simply aren't.

    Make yourself an appointment with the EV sales rep (There is usually just one per dealer). Don't bother with anyone else. Put yourself on the wait list. This may require a deposit. If you are crunched for time, put yourself on multiple dealers and get the deposits refunded later. The dealer I talked to say they get 1-2 per month. I had 6 people on the waiting list before me (estimate up to 6 months) but it took only a week before they called and said they have a car available. Many people drop out for competitors or because they themselves have multiple spots held.

    That said, I'm glad I have it now.
  9. Richard_arch74

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    Norm Reeves in Cerritos has one on their website a few minutes ago. Good luck.[​IMG]

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  10. From the price, might that not be a PHEV? I thought EV’s were lease only.
  11. Mowcowbell

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    Or, just drive to your local Chevy dealer where you'll find plenty of full EV Chevy Bolts awaiting you.
  12. Richard_arch74

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    The website tech specs says 89 est range. So it's electric. They only have one in stock, so they say. I thought there was only a lease option as well. They are supposed to text me back with an answer, lease or purchase.

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    BLAZETIGER New Member

    Thanks for your input. I'm on a few waiting lists. Will drive around a bit tomorrow and see if I can leave some deposits. I've mentioned it to some dealers and they aren't even willing to take a deposit!

    BLAZETIGER New Member

    I spoke to the rep who handles the Fuel Cell Claritys at Norm Reeves. She said the one listed on their website isn't in their inventory. ‍♂️

    Told me to follow up with the another salesperson who handles the PHEVs and EVs, bu they would be back on Tuesday.

    BLAZETIGER New Member

    Already test drove it and it feels cheap compared to the Clarity. Ultimately I wouldn't mind a Bolt, but I'd be paying considerably more for the range and price point. When I test drove the Bolt I looked at numbers and the down payment plus monthly lease payments were more than double than the Clarity's.
  16. Texas22Step

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    Try -- they show quite a large number of Clarity Electrics in CA, some 2018 and some 2019 model years. Not sure how up-to-date or correct their web site is, but it might be worth a try.
  17. 4sallypat

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    When I was looking for the FCV Clarity, all the dealers said they have waiting lists and when one does show, it's a first come first served deal.
    I did not have the luxury to drop everything and run down to the dealer so I settled for the PHEV.

    The internet manager who handles the EV/FCV/PHEV and specializes in them at Norm Reeves Cerritos is: Devon Fields.
    Also try the West Covina Norm Reeves specialist: David Ochoa.

    I have purchased 4 Hondas over time at Norm Reeves and they have always come out the best deals...
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  18. DucRider

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    From our Clarity Electric Lease docs:
    Agreed Upon Value (Gross Capitalized Cost/MSRP): $37,475.91
    Residual Value: $30,012.60

    Both numbers really only relevant to Honda internally and Insurance companies (policy costs, repair/replacement value, etc).
  19. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    So how does that work in the lease numbers ?
    How do they get $199/month lease on a $30K car ?

    Did you put down $10K or are the RV and MF insanely affordable ???
  20. DucRider

    DucRider Well-Known Member

    Car is $37.5K
    RV is the $30K as posted above. There is no opiton to purchase at lease end, so these are basically imaginary numbers.

    Down (at that time) was $1,499 ($1,300 CCR + 1st month). Honda gave us $1K "Loyalty Cash" since we had leased the Fit EV.
    Depreciation: $6163.31
    Rent: $1000.69
    Total Payments: $7,164 (+ the $300 "down and $491 Lic & Reg)

    State sent us a check for $2,500

    No sales tax in Oregon

    3 year total cost: $5,454 ($151/mo)
    I think it is fairly obvious why these are not sitting on dealer lots ;)
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