Clarity Base Vs. Touring - What made you choose?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Aspesi4, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. coutinpe

    coutinpe Member

    Leather and power seats. Didn't want to downgrade. CarPlay/Android auto would do for navigation unless you need 'offline' maps. Unfortunately Apps that provide that like Here or iGO are not allowed on carPlay.
  2. coutinpe

    coutinpe Member

    It will give you decent traffic, offline maps (great if you don't want to waste data) but IMHO the route calculation strategy is way below Google maps. For instance, it will force you into freeways even though going via bystreets will result in less travel time.
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  3. petteyg359

    petteyg359 Active Member Subscriber

    I've had it route onto the interstate for a single exit, then right back off, just to avoid one backed up lighted intersection on the service road. Second, check the "optimize route for" or whatever it's called setting. In the one for hybrid mileage, it consistently puts me on a maze of farm roads instead of the 70 mph highway.
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  4. LAF

    LAF Active Member

    you can get more off the Touring list so the difference is not that great. I love the power seats of long trips. by adjusting it many ways really helps fatigue
  5. leehinde

    leehinde Active Member Subscriber

    Google Maps lets you download maps by region. (on iOS, I assume on Android too).
  6. jorgie393

    jorgie393 Active Member Subscriber

    My memory from when I chose the Touring was that in addition to the seats being power, and with memory, they had one more possible adjustment then the manual seats on the base did. I believe it was seat cushion tilt.

    This is one of those things that’s either worth nothing, or every penny, but it’s hard to know which until you have driven the car for a while.

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  7. coutinpe

    coutinpe Member

    Pettey, I stand corrected. Yesterday I was stuck in a traffic jam in a street and the traffic icon was sweetly green. When asking for 'traffic conditions' it told me 'there is no traffic on your route'. Bottomline, I agree 100% with you, this Garmin traffic sucks!
  8. coutinpe

    coutinpe Member

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  9. fotomoto

    fotomoto New Member

    A $69 Garmin factory refurb does all that. BTDT

    See above plus there's like only 6 roads in those areas that connect the few towns out there (light sarc). No real need for a $3k NAV just follow the road signs. :p
  10. MPower

    MPower Active Member

    That is like so 20th century! Next you'll be telling us to unfold those large pieces of paper . . . What were they called?
  11. fotomoto

    fotomoto New Member

    Umm, I think they were called maps. :D Crazy, right? o_O
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  12. David Towle

    David Towle Active Member

    And the Garmin lets you have navigation and the audio screen on at the same time!
    It was an easy choice for me to get the base, I dislike sweaty leather in the summer and I dislike the slow response of power seats.

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