CA lose its green credibility over CV?

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    Tesla moving its HQ out of CA will put the lie to CA's green washing. Of course it was going to happen. The CDC is a military biological warfare agency (literally the Army) that pretends to be a civilian entity. It is essentially unaccountable. The vaccines it pushes aren't tested because it claims it doesn't have time- it can't be bothered and can't have its authority questioned. A claim can't bring a claim against it because it has sovereign immunity, secrecy and its contractors that push its stuff are generally indemnified to protect the profit aspect for preparations (vaccines) that are known to be harmful and could not be profitable by the contractor's own admission if the public had standing against them. An example of this logic would be the decades where MMR vaccines had essentially life ending complications (gross development aberration or death) at a rate of 1 in 900 a rate apparently more than 10x CV mortality rate, but nothing was done about this- on the contrary. And when the CDC goes to push its power you get religious scientism from people like Richard Pan, Erica Pan (CDC minion) and Lorena Gonzalez (who apparently takes her largest amount of bribe/contribution money from fossil fuels but hides in under uncoded but votes as told) but we also get utter seething contempt from these people.

    It might as well be called the "Centers for Control." Its surgeon general presumably knowing that his statement would cause more death from fright than the disease itself said of a week in earlie April that it would be the worst week in most people's life times while conjuring imagery of a 3rd world war apocalypse. Was that flattening curve or was that terrorism? It appears the heart of the CDC (Fort Dietrich) was shut down and defunded in July because it lost a pathogen (CV) that lead to the death of some of its personnel and it was only reopened and refunded in April. You can find that information on and it lines up with a University of Urbana Law professor stating the CV pathogen was designed at Fort Detrick- now it appears it was unleashed by the CDC itself with patient zero in the US in July not November in China. The release was blamed on a steam plant failing to treat contaminated water. So the CDC has been tasked with cleaning up the mess it made. Same MO as Summers, Geithner and Rubin being called back to patch up the 07-08 financial collapse they were apparently central to unleashing. Guessing that in both cases history will reach the conclusion that the disasters were by design, that they were intentional.

    If the CDC designed this agent and intentionally released it into the public, should it now be allowed to force (coerce) inject every member of the public ("no normal in until a vaccine") with a version of CV or another agent of its choosing? Given that forced (coerced) vaccination laws were pushed through (with the help of the Pan(s) and Gonzales in CA) just prior to release it seems and already present in most US states it seem plausible the intent behind such actions was to try to justify mass forced (coerced) injection. Why? Same goal as always, increase of power and forced subjugation and money, prestige- all based on falsehoods. We do it because we can kind of stuff or power as a drug. Would we allow an agency to force tattoo every member of society? Forcing people to wear mask protects others from sneezes to a degree but given the claimed dynamics of the pathogen this appears to increase the risk of the pathogen taking hold in the person wearing the mask because the presence in the mouth may be dealt with by the immune system in time but a mask may push the agent into the respiratory system where it may infect. Also, wearing masks is like forcing everyone to wear uniforms. And notice also that unemployment checks are not processing smoothly and the lines at stores- these over time have the same effect that tyrants dream of where they shut the utilities (light/water/sewer) to create unrest and soften a population to enable ratcheting of abuses- it is paint by numbers for tyrants where they try to ratchet up pressure but avoid a response that would snap their actually tiny imaginary thread of control.

    Notice also who apparently was removed from the board of MS and Berkshire- someone pushing the products of CDC contractors. But notice also the head of the NASA's manned space flight programs was removed because he chose SpaceX and Blue Origin and only one traditional defense contractor Dynetic for the coming NASA manned moon mission and then notice CA denied a SpaceX grant presumably because Musk pushed back against CDC minions.

    It is not surprising that that the green movement which seeks to keep contamination out of people's bodies to make industry sustainable would conflict with the centers for control and the sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists the field of sponsored public health and unaccountable military force directed at the public attracts. We'd have gone faster with green if it weren't for the placators and the obfuscators- people who claim to be democrats and pro-labor but take their largest amount of bribe money from fossil fuels. Is it a 'contribution' when you have to lie about who you really are and what you are actually trying to do? The power to shut should have been judiciously applied in the actual public interest to fossil fuels and things that harm the public and not directed toward trying to force more contamination into people's bodies to further arbitrary power.

    It appears the CDC unleashed CV and did so around the same time it puts forced vaccination into law in CA through Richard Pan with the help of Erica Pan and Lorena Gonzalez (they campaigned for this.)
    The US and one other country are alone in this practice of forcing vaccines on children and the data (despite their sneering lies) clearly does not support their case as the rest of the world has better results much better in the case of Japan where they don't force vaccines or even push them and where they attribute their results specifically to not doing so because they tried it and made things much worse so they stopped with improved results as expected. When the people in California attempted to resist this medical fascism of forcing vaccines on children Richard Pan (whom Lorena and Erica campaigned with for forced vaccination) said the resistance was a sham and the opposition had its chance it could have spent more money and knocked on more doors. Yeah, right like ordinary people on dwindling incomes could have outspent the military industrial complex? These hypocrites will argue for a woman's right to choose but for bought and paid for reasons won't admit that forced (coerced) injection (almost always a needle) of children (who don't have the standing or ability to defend themselves) is on the same level as forced sterilization and forced impregnation (vaccines modify genetic material and that of offspring) or forbidding certain people to marry based on race or gender or forced lobotomies or radioactive oatmeal given to children in the Fernald school experiments and they won't admit that it undermines all human rights claims and undermines rule of law and undermines the legitimacy of state by making a shame of it. It is as ridiculous as forcing people to pay corrupt for-profit insurance companies (as opposed to single payer) or doing blanket indefinite defacto false imprisonments. They manufacture a disaster and our rights are supposed to suffer for it. Suspect medical tyranny is harder in other developed nations because of higher rates of numeracy.
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    continued from prior post

    You can smell tyrants a mile away. Even as Tesla leaves CA it should work to make sure the Pans and Gonzalez are not reelected and the tyrant laws they helped foist into place are or overturned and can't be reinstated. Vaccines appear to be obsolete last resort technology of questionable safety and efficacy that all but 2 nations have been abandoning with improving results for having done so. Let us use the new medicine - microbiome a leap as big as pain killers, surgery and antibiotics- let us use microbiome (the new immunology) and stem cell and CRISPR and epigenetics to move forward with strengthened immune systems. And lets strip the vaccine companies of their immunity, for profit status and government funding. Neither the CDC nor this industry should have been given the benefit of the doubt. Protect the researchers, protect the workers but purge this industry of its psychopaths, sociopaths and crazed narcissists and erect protections to keep these parasites out.

    If one wants to say it was just an accident, why handle it the way they handled it? Why point the figure at China? Why not take responsibility? Was it because it would destroy their public placebo and profit mongering? It doesn't look like an accident when the Pan's and Gonzales as CDC minions try to accuse colleagues exercising their judgment to protect children, accuse them of malpractice when it the US's approach of forcing vaccines that is in the extreme minority and that industry has been caught in foisting hoaxes (swine flu epidemic etc.) with no repercussions. And when it was that industry that begged to be indemnified because vaccine related injury claims precluded profit at a ratio of 20 to 1 . Did they point the finger of blame elsewhere to avoid liability? The US will have to do this research (just to be prepared) but the responsible entity is not in a position to say just trust us if it was at fault even by accident and covered it up and now wants to resort to force "no return to normal until vaccine" especially when vaccines have been tied to such corrupt practices and bad outcomes in the US for decades. Is the US going to use what Japan does? Japanese medicine is flat out more credible than than US medicine based on the results and costs and obviously lower levels of corruption. Is it going to be antiviral first instead of forced mass injection? Is it going to be oral instead of injection? And is the amount paid for it going to be negligible and not gouging and opportunist (criminal) based on the majority of the research no question being funded by the public? We shouldn't be enriching criminals with this.

    The timing on this is questionable just like the timing on the 07-08 crash and putting the same people apparently responsible for triggering it or not preventing back in to supposedly clean it up- which notice didn't happen.

    Great if this results in better funding of health care and health research but make it public- not hand outs to private firms and definitely not a bunch more money going to people who manufacture and spread viruses. Viral research is one thing (necessary) but this idea that we treat people by modifying their virome by injecting them with modified viruses, that needs to be on the back burner until we get a better clue about what we are doing because the history of experiment has lead the majority of nations away from that approach because the results simply weren't good enough or promising enough or were flat counter production. We need to switch the basis for medicine in this country. We need to publicly fund research but the universities that do it should never ever be handing over patents to corporations only granting any qualified company that wants to manufacture a non-exclusive license to produce on a royalty basis and nothing else ever.

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