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    Tesla has carefully studied the market. They understand what their own shoppers will consider for purchase. Impressing the media, enthusiasts, or fanboys is of no concern. Hostile or favorable rhetoric will persist regardless of what's delivered anyway.

    Think about what the other automakers will be up against... competition from every direction:
    • Roadster Gen-1 - one has escaped Earth's gravity.
    • SuperCharger network.
    • Model S - still the terror of street and stock car dragsters.
    • Model X - electric SUV and awesome killer of luxury car market.
    • Model 3 - production ramping up with over 50,000 already made.
    • 2170 NMC - deafly side-stepping the NCM, cobalt trap.
    • Transition from induction to PM motors.
    • In development - EV semi truck; pickup; Roadster Gen-2, and; Model Y.
    Tesla is not in business to compete with other manufacturers. Rather they see a larger vision, a goal, that is only shared by a small number of potential competitors: Toyota and BMW. The rest startup eye-wash projects to prove they could (but choose not) to compete.

    Bob Wilson
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    FYI, nice launch and booster recovery:

    Bob Wilson
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