Audi Qtron effectively substantially delayed

Discussion in 'e-tron' started by 101101, Apr 5, 2019.

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    No way Audi can market an otherwise attractive SUV with a 70K plus price with only 204 miles of range. Seems the same thing that hit Mercedes hit Audi which puts their efforts including Porsche's into perspective. They also can't make claims about charges speed and think that will compensate.

    I don't criticize Kia or Nio or Rivian too much, I think they are all making solid efforts and VW is really pushing the rhetoric in the right way lately. But I have to say I am really looking forward to Tesla's AP3 hardware demonstration later this month. This shows the innovate faster method is working for Tesla. All the FUD about the ICE makers using the shill media to try to project all their failures onto Tesla is about to explode. You really have to see what a piece of sht the main steam media is when it tries to portray Tesla being up %110 year on year Q1 vs the Big 3 being down as much as they were in the 07 crash which bankrupted them as being a disaster for Tesla especially when 10000 cars in transit weren't even factored into that %110 increase. If the Big 3 sustain this loss rate over they year they will go bankrupt again- couldn't happen to nicer president the one who just dropped taxes on the wealthy to spike classes on the people who actually contribute and then try to use it to say their health care can't be afforded. Coal in the toilet and Big 3 sinking back under, couldn't be a better reminder of what what a load of crack smoke GOP ideology, policy and world view are and have always been.

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