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    Let me tell you right side unions do not work they are a house divided. Nixon thought he could rely on trade unionist to beat Vietnam protesters. Where you have to go is into consideration of social utility. You have to ask the rent seekers when you are asking for a high indexed guaranteed annual income from cradle to grave, which is what you need more than any union and what your unions should be focusing on, you have to ask the rent seekers what their actual contribution is. What has it actually been, what is their actual social utility- you have to ask then and then you have to supply the answer which is nil to net negative. You have to attack the core of the their claims. You say: We built this damn country and everything in it, all of its wealth is the result of what we contributed. Further, it is composed of us, and everything in it belongs to us. And you whip cracking net negative contributors on the bases of your unearned income and ill-gotten gain want to rent seek us into defacto non-citizenship right here in our own country?!!! No, the bill has come due, we the rightful inhabitants of this land its permanent default inhabitants with a claim that runs vastly deeper than ownership (despite periods of imperialism and genocide) are evicting you, we're revoking your prior rents and calling them back with the accrued interest- call it a charge back for goods not delivered and approaches that can't ultimately work because the are face value wrong.

    The unionist can start by seizing all of GM's stock and ejecting all of its management and making sure no one can be on the board that wasn't a GM employee (probably should be retired employees) and deciding if you just want to automate out management- simply automate out the management. You could convert GM into a membership entity doesn't even have to be for profit (but I'd you'd still want to pay tax) just make sure all the gains go to the members who must be direct contributors or retired and keep all the money inside- no way to hostile take over such an entity except from the inside because it can't be sold without a vote from all of its members.

    Let me tell you how to do the math too:
    How big should the cradle to grave monthly high indexed GAI be- because the income really shouldn't be basic because far, far far more than a basic amount is permanently due, and even if it weren't who does society exist for the sake of? Keep in the back of your mind the size of TAARP- which went to bailout out oppressive fossil fuel backed plantation austerity that would allow rent seekers to use their property to convert us all into property (their plan all along since death of capital was recognized back in 1970.) You divide the GNP by the US population and you come up with about $5000 a month and then you index it to a point a bit higher than historical inflation say 4.5%. Remind the defunct rent seekers they've been defunct since 1970 and this is actually going easy on them because if it was just applied to the people who work FT or work - about 1/3 of the US population it would be closer to 15K a month vs the 26K a year the average US person who works full time is making which reflects 50 years of going backwards to benefit a useless parasite class. Remind them too that they too will get their 5K a month- hard for them to imagine because its what they're used to spending on a day's room service.

    Then you tell the parasites- lucky you still have your citizenship or aren't in jail as a class and lucky all of our property which you put your name on hasn't been simply repossessed in a proper and long overdue correction on distribution (finally a distribution that isn't criminal) because you've been rent seeking all the time out of our lives and our children's lives defacto denying us our families and blackmailing and holding us hostage relative to firing our families into the streets trying to use your property to convert the American people into propety, so you're lucky that even worse isn't happening as function of righteous justice... so now you don't like this and you're bitching about it, well prove your contribution, prove you make a difference that isn't actually net negative and pull this society up by its bootstraps- surely if you're worth a sht or ever were you can still rise above the people who did all the work and become comparatively rich again- in the midst of an America that critically isn't a slum and which still has people vested in the country enough to defend it instead of seeking expatriation because its become a prison surveillance state to protect exclusive and unjustifiable luxury and ill gotten gain.

    And don't point to Elon Musk, he can't save you, your whole career of being the worst kind of money-for-the-sake-of-money slave to money has been about conflating yourselves with loss leaders like Musk to try to hide your parasitism and non contribution. Or conversely when someone like him is too constructive with money trying to accuse such a person of your own money pimping like trying to claim he is anti union (anti-human like you) when such a person with a constructive outlook has been logically pro UBI. Remember it was you that was/is: money for the sake of money to get at ill gotten power, it was you not the average working person and not someone who actually used money for the social utility it might help provide instead of using money to destroy social utility.

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    You have to realize they've been persecuting the people they rely on to hide their own non contribution, they've been persecuting Americans. I've come to see GM as fundamentally un-American and anti American. What kind of society is it where the average American in 1970, the point where we should have pivoted to unimaginable prosperity, instead turned to protect privilege so that now we have for instance a surface level social spike for women on the social domain but the total oppression of American women on the political and economic domains (again we see some loss leaders and they are super impressive and hopeful) but what what really see is the average American taking in 1/16th on a productive basis relative to what they did in 1970 and the average home broken over economic oppression so that its a single parent female head of house hold who has debt (even student load debt because we penalize education now because it creates competition for unjustifiable privilege- literally rent seeking to suppress human development like a propaedeutic function)- single mother head of household who is only going deeper into debt despite working more than full time and being on aid and with no light at the end of the tunnel and no security and no dignity and paying a similarly situated stranger ( single parent female head of house hold) to raise her kids which she never sees. And in 70 she had the equivalent of single payer, no lines, great county hospital system no medial bankruptcy. And no threats over emergency room access being a monied privilege- is a society that can't help you when you need an emergency room worth fighting for or against? She also had job security and financial security and wasn't living in constant fear, she could retire and could afford to support all her kids through school, and she actually could expect her kids to be better off instead of worse- her family was probably intact with both parents in the home and one parent was able to focus on the kids full time and often did. She could actually raise her own kids. And while there were still serious problem at large she could decide if she wanted her own kids to be her focus. Now even with 2 parents working full time none of that applies, can't even be sure to pay off a home or be able to retire or not go medically bankrupt or go bankrupt due to usury and debt. Personal debt was nil back then, people could pay cash and we should have it so much better now but we've been systematically oppressed by idiocy that needs to be called out right now in the most direct way. No more sponsored law, no more sponsored society, no more sponsored politicians, no more sponsored media. Save for what remains of civil rights protections and environmental protections we could benefit from a roll back of US law to about 1968 or 1970 and then reboot from there. Burn all that ALEC generated crap in the interim.

    Understand when there is no necessity in work there is no dignity or security and understand also that this necessity cannot be manufactured with a phony economy to keep rent seekers and would-be baby sitters in place. That denial bubble gets popped by stuff like self driving cars and then there is hell to pay with things like civil war which they were warned about prior to 70 but they just wanted to be able to force things like shoe shining and making other peoples children and other people's money stock unnecessary wars of aggression or wars for the privilege of gloating luxury. Enough!!!

    Thinking about what America stands for. It doesn't stand for being a slave to money. If you took the average billionaire in this country (and its a crime we think we can afford billionaires when we have hungry people in this country or on this planet- we can't- especially the non constructive sort which is almost all of them) and reduced them to say 1 million $$ overnight most would be suicidal. But there are others like Musk (he's not any better than the rest of us) who risked the bulk of what he had to make things better for everyone. That's not someone acting like a slave to money. Can you say the same for Barra or any of the GM so-called leadership? Most of them have enough to retire right now in luxury other people suffer over their pursuit of life's useless rich pageant.

    Now lets provide a laser focus on what American need right now. There is enough energy (fusion reactor in the sky giving equal opportunity distribution reliable to the point of our extinction) and enough automation (ocean of computers and robots) so that no American should ever be doing anything for money that they otherwise wouldn't. You should never be over a barrel over your human physical needs and of course you can vote yourselves a share of the wealth! What is the point of wealth and if its absence can be used against you to take your voice and reduce you to the property of tyrants which is where that slippery slope always goes. No more undue influence of wealth. All must grow with the physical security of needs necessary to grow the strong spine necessary to uphold their civic duties as a citizen. Then this example through precedent or just immigration (because we don't live for the sake of scarcity) spreads across the planet.

    The man pushing a certain open OS was asked "why don't you cash in?" and as I understand it or would like to think of it he incredulously said because I come from a place (icy rock geographically where people would freeze to death if they didn't support one another) where money isn't an issue. In essence he comes from a place where they don't do the equivalent of distending children's stomachs with hunger so they can manipulate them for the rest of their lives over food the way we idiotically do in the US with money by getting wages down and the debt up so people become property in a way that cries out for the flipping of money changer tables. We're in the post employment era- have been since 1970 yet this idiocy of finders keepers: you do all the work and I never pay you enough to be free or become a competitor so you can fulfill your human development for the benefit of all- this practice of using money to stunt human development and stunt mankind is over. It is not only a cancerous leisure class that came out of the right set of hips that has a right to be idle, it is now also the people who made that possible in the first place. Not always egalitarian himself but you can see this issue in Russel's essay "In Praise of Idleness" written at time when we were last seriously considering these issues.

    Back in 28 or 32 Keynes told them the scarcity problem or economic problem would be solved eventually and when it was labor would die and as the other side of the coin capital would die too. The whole economics profession right and left recognized this was true back in 1970 because at that time the US could feed the entire world on 3% of its work force when in 1870 it was 97% of the people in the field and it was feast or famine even with 16 hour days 7 days a week (agriculture wasn't always efficient/effective) now in 1970 it was 40hrs weeks and only 3% of the population being able to feed the much bigger world. Only dishonest economist (the most radical dishonesty) try to say automation brings more jobs not when their whole profession left and right- a couple thousand of them told all the world leaders around 1970 the gig was up and since that point the right has been waging war on the American people in policy circles trying to take the country back to the plantation or 1950 the time when the plantation actually ended. But think back to when the social security act was being formed. It was known then that in hunter gather societies before language and tools at least the men only worked about 4 hours a day- some animals including certain types of Eagles are sufficient on 13 minutes of effort a day- now coming up on 100 years after quantum mechanics where do you think we should be? Now the new rich only work about 4 hours a week if that. But the capitalist argued around 1928 for 33% additional hours to make a 40hrs work week so that could extract a parasitic surplus and could slot people into involuntary tasks about half their waking hours on most days to keep them defacto slave cultured while making lazy lion innovation claims- do we think slavery even slavery light is better than murder- a life where we are driven into unconsciousness and our growth stunted? They tread mill us to keep us down like they do viruses because they want hellish fear based instead of trust based society- been doing this with horrid results since the work camp cities of Victorian England. Applying the principles of animal husbandry to other human beings trying to make them into chattel or domesticated humans- very few animals and plants can be domesticated and when it happens to humans it is slavery and our American culture says better dead than not free.

    So how much say do you have over the work place at GM? You are treated like property. That is wrong! It needs to be full democracy- you have to come first even if the products suffer and screw the profits, those were and are insults and extractive in the first place like an unnecessary credit card and its debt that can never be paid off. And if you go employee ownership model it must be total you can't have the parasites in the mix- not even in your pensions- fund it yourselves without relying on outside investment and that undue influence.

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