42 miles EV Range?

Discussion in 'Rav4 Prime' started by Gary Marcelo, Nov 25, 2020.

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  1. Gary Marcelo

    Gary Marcelo New Member

    I bought the prime xse two weeks ago I Did not get 40 miles EV range even on fully charged battery it is only 34-35 after charging, did any one have the same experience?

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  3. chuckh007

    chuckh007 New Member

    Gary.....are you still getting less than 40 miles on a full charge ??
  4. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Range will fluctuate for lots of reasons -- weather (cold, rain, wind), driving style, and terrain, among them. Can you say more about any of these factors?
    If it's cold where you are, 35 miles seems pretty good.
  5. Gary Marcelo

    Gary Marcelo New Member

    I am getting 37 miles maximum now ,I did some research it is really depend on you driving condition , as for me I am driving on a freeway on a daily basis with the average speed of 65 to 75 miles/hr on EV eco mode with ac running on eco setting,thanks Dominick you are right. I like the prime so much, on a Hybrid sports mode it is a different car it accelerate so fast specially on a free way that make Honda civic type R struggling to keep up on me.

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  6. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Ok, that makes sense. The faster you go, the more energy it takes, so that's why your range will be lower in this driving pattern. If it's chilly, you may see an improvement when it warms up (though, when it gets really hot, air conditioning can also ding range a bit).
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  8. The Prime's computer looks at a lot of things to give you your estimated EV range. It's normal to have the first several charge cycles in the 30 something range.
    I'm up to 44 after several charge cycles. Of course cold weather and interstate speeds will impact the range.
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  9. Surferdude

    Surferdude New Member

    I got my RAV4 Prime in July and only got 35 EV range after the first overnight charge. The range increased to 42 miles after a few days of driving and more overnight charges. Surprisingly, the EV range has continued to gradually increase and is currently at 51 miles (with AC) or 53 miles (without AC). Being in Honolulu, Hawaii, I always drive with the AC on. I can’t explain why the estimated range is so much higher than the rated range of 42.
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  10. Richard_arch74

    Richard_arch74 Active Member

    Let me guess. Most of your driving is in traffic and little of your driving is above 60mph. The estimated range is based on optimal temperatures (which you have in spades) and mixed speeds. With you driving in stop and go traffic you will beat the estimated ranges. You probably are easy on the go pedal too. Please review your car for us. I am hoping that next year you will find me in a Rav4P.

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  11. Vnag518

    Vnag518 New Member

    I bought my SE 2 weeks ago, estimated range after full overnight charge had been 33 miles. I joined this forum to see if this is normal.
    It has been below 30 degrees every day, so I assume that is normal? My commute is 25 mostly highway miles and with heat on ECO mode. I have been getting right around 30 miles/ charge. Hoping it improves when it warms up.
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  13. It should improve after several charges, see the prior posts in this thread for some good insight..

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