2017-2019 Chevy Bolt EV recall - Update* GM has a fix.

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by Domenick, Nov 13, 2020.

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  1. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

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  3. Spoonman.

    Spoonman. Member

    So, I guess we are in the same boat as the Kona owners now. Fun!
  4. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear.
  5. Carolyn O

    Carolyn O New Member


    Is this recall related to the "First Design Battery" problem?

    I post the WebAuto video here posting the concern over the "First Design Battery". Go here to see this video (go to minutes 2:40 to 5:16)

    I got the recall notice (NHTSA Recall #20v701 and manufacturer Recall# N202311730). I also determined that I have a "First Design Battery" by the VIN number, according to the video above.

    I am at the Chevy dealer right now for a "reprogram the hybrid propulsion control model". I received the recall notice in my email.
  6. Spoonman.

    Spoonman. Member

    Interestingly, my 2019's VIN still isn't flagged with the recall on the NHTSA website. I may have one of the first Michigan-built batteries that don't have this issue.
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  8. Carolyn O

    Carolyn O New Member

    I have a 2017 Bolt: I think the problem batteries were built in S Korea and called "first design" batteries. After the VIN split breakpoint, I believe the batteries were made in Michigan and called "second design" batteries. So I am thinking that maybe this recall applies to the "first design" batteries???

    The VIN number split was given by a video at the WeberAuto Youtube Channel at

    (VIN# Breakpoint 1G1FX6S06H4163254)
  9. Spoonman.

    Spoonman. Member

    Interesting, because mine is 1G1FZ6S04K4131128, before that split point (if they're in any way sequential) and yet it doesn't show any recalls.

    From looking things up it appears that the original fifth character in the VIN was split between X and W, yet mine is Z. I haven't found a good Bolt VIN decoder.
  10. Brian Carraher

    Brian Carraher New Member

    I took my 2017 Bolt into the dealer for the recall update yesterday. I had previously been using hilltop reserve which charged to 87% capacity. Now the hilltop reserve option has been eliminated and when fully charged it now shows 95%. Waiting to hear what others experiences are with the update.
  11. Carolyn O

    Carolyn O New Member

    What year is your Bolt? Mine is a 2017 and I think this VIN# applies to 2017's right?
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  13. Spoonman.

    Spoonman. Member

    Mine's a 2019 but I think every 2017 is included so the VIN split shouldn't apply.
  14. Carolyn O

    Carolyn O New Member

    Consider that Jesse Ortega (GM's Executive Chief Engineer) said that the recall applies to "certain 2017's through 2019's Chevy Bolts."--notice the word "certain"...not all. His video is on YouTube at

  15. GetOffYourGas

    GetOffYourGas Active Member

    I just had the update done to my 2017 Bolt and noticed the same thing. Seems odd that I can no longer use Hilltop Reserve, when that was more restrictive than the new 95% limit.
  16. Spoonman.

    Spoonman. Member

    "General Motors LLC (GM) is recalling all 2017-2018 and certain 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV vehicles. The high voltage battery could catch fire when charged to full or nearly full capacity." That's the summary on the NHTSA recall page.

    Anyways, my 2019 still isn't under recall so I guess I'm home free on this one.
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  17. Larry Basem

    Larry Basem New Member

    Same here. Brought my 2018 Bolt into the dealer. Since I bought the vehicle almost 2 years ago, have been using hilltop setting on the General principle of avoiding full charge. Tonight found that the car was charged to 94% - as report on the app and by the car’s info graphics. WTF, I thought the whole point of the software patch was to cap charge at 90% ?!!
  18. racerx2005

    racerx2005 New Member

    Just open the “myChevrolet” app; it will automatically show whether or not your Bolt is marked for recall.

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  19. It is completely disappointing (but not surprising) that GM has been so lax on giving Bolt owners regular updates on the recall. But frankly, I expected this type of passive response from a major American car company. They're all terrible at the EV game - GM and Ford each have ONE EV, both in limited supply, meanwhile Chrysler is putting HEMI's in minivans (dear God...).

    Meanwhile GM says they're going all EV by 2035. Anybody believe that?? And if you do, why would you think they're gonna do any better than this?

    You're setting the tone right NOW, General Motors. And it's not a good look.
  20. rgmichel

    rgmichel Member

    Its going to be interesting to see if and how this will be fixed, but I still LOVE my Bolt.
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  21. I love my Kona too. That is when she is not waiting for a charge controller first (2weeks) , new battery second and special tools to install it (3 months) and NOW are you ready? Waiting for some "one time use" bolts - so far two weeks - which are requeired to fasten the battery to the body. Complaining about GM? You are kidding.
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  22. rgmichel

    rgmichel Member

    Didn't did not understand the last half of Lars' post, but I am sorry this Kona has been so much trouble. I have had no trouble at all with my 2017 Bolt the whole time I have had it. The recent restriction to less than full charge did not affect me yet, as I always used Hilltop reserve anyway. The only times I have not used Hilltop reserve is on vacation after each overnight 240 volt charge to maximize range out the door next morning to allow a 400+ mile drive. In general the 238 mile range of the 2017 Bolt is more than adequate for >95% of my year round driving.
  23. EV Future

    EV Future New Member

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