12 volt battery should be trickle charge i car is sitting not use for longer time

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by janusz Grabon, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. janusz Grabon

    janusz Grabon New Member

    My opinion this should done.
  2. KiwiME

    KiwiME Member

    or disconnect it
  3. Esprit1st

    Esprit1st Active Member

    The battery saver+ option is supposed to keep the 12V battery charged. Not sure how long you are thinking of not using the car but that should work.

    The Kona is not as bad as Tesla with their phantom drain effect. It might have to do with the higher connectivity level of Teslas. (Just my uneducated guess)

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  4. janusz Grabon

    janusz Grabon New Member

    12 Volt Kona loose 1% capacity per day. Disconnecting battery is not practical because you will lose all stored config including clock radio , +. If disconnect 12 Volt battery for 30 days you will lose 30%
  5. janusz Grabon

    janusz Grabon New Member

    Right now I'm getting 305 Miles on full charge In New York State with outside temperature 72F .Best so far I was getting 320 Milles!!!!!
  6. janusz Grabon

    janusz Grabon New Member

    It is working for me about 4 weeks
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  7. eastpole

    eastpole Member

    That *is* an interesting question. I'd love to know how many kWh (fractions thereof) the Kona uses daily, sitting idle at 20 C, at 40 C, at 0 C.
  8. Jared Potter

    Jared Potter Member

    I don’t think you can entirely blame Tesla or Hyundai or any EV maker for phantom drain. Sure each car is going to have it’s own idle drain but lithium ion batteries by their very nature self discharge that I would not call phantom draining. Phantom draining is that silent energy usage of idling electronics waiting to be woken up by the user or a timed event etc. Self discharge is the physical unavoidable discharge of the battery. Different chemistries and build/designs will have stronger or weaker effects. NiMH batteries were notoriously bad at this with many exhibiting self discharge as high as 10% a month.
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  9. KiwiME

    KiwiME Member

    I always see the dash message if it sits one or more days, which is most weeks for me. Given the understanding that it will only charge 10 times while the car is unused before giving up, then it would stop after perhaps 10-20 days and the 12V battery would be on its own after that. It seems certain that the media unit's so-called "fuse switch" is intended to reduce this drain and I'll bet the car operates fine with it off, as it must be for shipping. Traction battery drain seems low for me but not zero. Over several days I think I might see a percent down, but that could be less than 1 due to the dash percent reading being only an integer.

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