When does the gas engine run (other than on hard acceleration)

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Fidzio, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. Alantn

    Alantn Member

    Try using your A/C or seat heater a few minutes, depending on the weather, before going downhill to see if discharge the battery slightly from 100% will keep the ICE from turning on?
  2. jwangl

    jwangl New Member

    Just an update to my issues: I tried the following and they didn't work for the hill:
    * Turn off ECON only
    * Turn on 1 seat heater

    This seems to work so far, I will continue to test this and other variations:
    * Turn off ECON AND turn on both seat heaters until the foot of the hill.

    I am always using automatic A/C at 68F at this time of the year.

    There was once it burned 3 miles of gas and at the end of 12 miles the engine was not heated up enough to get out of ICE. There was also once it burned 8 miles of gas and before the end of 12 miles the engine was finally out of ICE on its own. I no longer power down the car in the middle to intervene according to the suggestions on the threads.

    If you have other suggestions please also let me know.
  3. dnb

    dnb Active Member

    I also start my drive by going down a steep but short hill. Mine turns on later in the drive usually though but I'll just not use the regen paddles as it seems to cause more problems than help at the beginning of a trip.
  4. jwangl

    jwangl New Member

    You mean the hand ones? I don't think I use hand paddles very often. But I am a heavy user of ACC, for the downslope I like to use it to set the speed limit so I don't get over it or use my foot on brakes a lot. It may regen too much if ECON is turned on.
  5. dnb

    dnb Active Member

    Yeah the hand ones, and I'm pretty sure that ACC also uses regen over regular breaking but hoping to confirm that (someone watching for break lights?).

    But yeah I start my drive in econ mode always and will stop using the break paddles from the steering wheel to see if that helps prevent the ICE from turning on.
  6. JCEV

    JCEV Active Member

    If I know I'll do a little over the total range I keep it in sport mode , it usually adds 10 to 20km and it's so much fun flooring it .
  7. jwangl

    jwangl New Member

    I am pretty sure ACC puts on break lights at least sometimes, although don't know the criteria, otherwise it's very unsafe. I am not sure if this is related to the regen discussion. I will still use ACC because it makes my life easier, and find other ways to spend the extra electricity. Turning off ECON seems to help.
  8. jwangl

    jwangl New Member

    Sport mode on a down slope?
  9. jwangl

    jwangl New Member

    The workaround of turning on 2 heated seats and turning off ECON didn't work this morning... It again drove in ICE mode for 12 miles and didn't get out of the mode before I shut down the car. For 12 miles it spent the following energy. I will need to compare it with when the ICE is not turned on.
    EV: 4.1
    HV: 7
  10. RogerB

    RogerB Active Member

    Prior to leaving, you could unplug and precondition for a couple minutes (or just precondition if on a Level 1 charger) to lower the charge, giving you a little leeway. It sounds like you'd essentially gain the charge back via regen down the hill, so you really wouldn't be losing anything other than the little bit of time before you leave.
  11. jwangl

    jwangl New Member

    Hm... the morning time is very precious for me. This morning I started heated seats a little before I drove my car, but it didn't work as well. I happened to keep my heated seats longer than I suppose to (they need me to press 3 times to completely turn off and I pressed only once, so I accidentally kept them on for 3 miles) so it may have used a little more energy than normal. To get an energy comparison I shut down my car at 3 miles and it turned back to EV. This time my energy spending is smaller disregard of the heated seats misoperation:
    EV: 5.3
    HV: 3

    I wonder maybe these days the workaround didn't work because the weather is in 50s, and those days it worked because the weather is in 40s. I will turn the AC to 80F (which means really uncomfortable heated seats) and see if it will work again.

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