Volvo S 90 S 60 and S 40 (and XC)

Discussion in 'Volvo' started by jim, Jan 11, 2018 at 9:52 AM.

  1. jim

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    Volvo has said their entire line of vehicles will all be hybrid by 2019.

    I stopped at a Volvo dealer the other day to add their J-1772's to plugshare. I looked on line to see how many electric miles and other spec but didn't find much.

    Their charging seems slow. QUOTE=Charging current is used for charging the hybrid battery as well as preconditioning of the car. Charging cable between the car's charging input socket and a 230 VAC socket can be set for different current intensity loads (6-16 A) using the control unit.

    Has anyone bought one or taken a test drive?
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    Giving your thread a little bump. Curious to hear about Volvo customer's experiences.

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