Using climate cooling while parked in a parking lot.

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by trengle, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. trengle

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    I would like to use the climate system to keep the car cool for a few minutes while I run into a store and my dog is in the car. I have tried both the app and the key fob and it did seem to work one time. The app always says the temp is 75 in the car. I have it set at 68 or less but if I let it go 10 min and get in the car is quite warm so I have no confidence in it...but love my Clarity in all other respects!! Any thoughts on keeping my dog cool?
  2. Sandroad

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    Please do all your experiments and testing without your dog. I certainly would not trust my dog’s life to the app.
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  3. A couple of days ago my wife and I stopped at a fast food restaurant. She stayed in the car, which I left on. I manually locked the doors as I got out by using the lock, by the door handle (not the lock/unlock switch.)

    She unlocked as I returned so I don't know if the door handle sensor or key fob would unlock it. Might be something to experiment with. If necessary, you can unlock the door with the physical key if the handle or fob don't.

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  4. Richard_arch74

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    First you will want to check your state laws and local ordinances to see if it is illegal to keep your dog in the car on very warm or cold days where there is a potential for hurting the pet. I've heard that in some states a pedestrian can break into your car to "save" your pet with no liability if there is a reasonable chance they are in distress. If first responders are called you could end up paying the bill even if the pet is not in distress. I, as in @Sandroad, would not take the chance of the PC'ing not working for some odd reason.

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  5. trengle

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  6. insightman

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    Remember, the Clarity is a secret car--very few people understand its capabilities. So no matter how cool your Clarity can keep your dog on a hot summer day, someone will call the police and break your windows to save your dog's life.
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  7. Margo

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    I have seen people leave notes on the window to inform people that the AC is on and the dog is listening to his favorite tunes.
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  8. Which is why, if this worked, you'd be smart to print a few signs:

    "AC is on in dog mode. I'm monitoring temp through the app. Call if you have any questions ###-###-####"
  9. Heino

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    I too am interested in a good way of doing this... I left my doggo in the car once for only a few minutes. I locked the car as usual and then triggered the climate control from the remote. Waited to make sure I heard the climate system was running, before going into the store.

    Note: Climate control turns off automatically after 30 minutes.
  10. insightman

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    Reminds me of one of my favorite stories from Car & Driver magazine. A NYC resident who insisted on owning a car and parking it on the street kept losing his stereo to thieves. In frustration, he decided to just not have a stereo in his car. So he left the hole in the dash and put a sign in his car's window, "NO STEREO!" Sadly, he returned to his car one day to find the window again broken. Inside, he found the window-breaker had left his own sign: "JUST CHECKING!" Sometimes people don't trust/believe signs.

    Perhaps if the "my dog is cool" sign was accompanied by a 12-inch diameter outdoor thermometer...
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  11. KentuckyKen

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    You have to remember that remote CC by HL app or key fob does not allow you to set a temperature. It has its own program according to temperature and decides on its own whether or not to run heat or AC and whether to even turn on or not. All get to do is activate it and then it does it’s thing which may not be what you wanted or expected.

    I believe @jdonalds was the first to post this attached diagram that gives the operating parameters and helps explain what’s going through its mind.

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  12. trengle

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    I did some further checking today (in my driveway). I assumed that if I pushed the "AUTO" button on that it would keep the car nice and cool. Well I found that you need to push the "Climate" button under the display and climate controls show up on the display. There is an option for Air Conditioning On/Off neither was highlighted. I pushed On and it highlighted...the Auto switched off. I got out, locked the car and pushed the fan button not the key fob then walked into the garage. A few minutes later thinking I heard something I looked and saw Stanley (my dog) standing in front of the car looking at it and wondering why it was making noise! The air was on and cooling it down nicely. I checked the app to confirm it which also shows the temp in the car. I also used the app to turn it on and it worked well.

    The Prius Plug In I had previously would cool the car nicely for about 10 minutes and I always had a sign in the window but you could hear it was on. I will now use this feature but monitor it closely and use a sign when I need to leave him in the car but I always take him in for treats everywhere that is puppy friendly...he loves to go everywhere I can take him including some local brewery/tap rooms! and they all love him.

    I have to say I love the Clarity!!
  13. insightman

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    Here's a 12-inch thermometer with possible wording for a sign. The trick is to find somewhere it will be visible to passers-by but where Fido won't knock it over.

  14. Maybe just print a few of these, laminate them, and put one front, rear, left, and right. Don't bother with an actual thermometer. It would still give the same message to passersby...

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