Time for service. Is this a complete list of Service Bulletins?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by bpratt, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. bfd

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    Unless someone complains about charging being interrupted, most probably would rather not experience a new problem by the system taking longer to charge … anyway, it wasn't offered to me today, and I probably would've been ok with it until the first time it took 1.5x longer to charge! Even when we're on 0 EV range, it has never taken even a full two hours to charge to 100%. So the thought of it taking up to 3 hours… no way.

    Once the update is completed, the vehicle may take up to one and a half times longer to fully charge. This depends on
    the power quality in the area, which will affect the charging rate.
  2. insightman

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    Wow, our 40-amp EVSE always takes a few minutes longer than 2 hours to recharge from 2 bars. You're obviously living right.

    Regarding the Customer Notification, I assume the extended charging time would happen only when the Clarity stopped charging after detecting what it deemed a problem with the supplied power, then resumed charging after a few seconds. If the supplied power was really flaky, this start/stop cycle occurring frequently could add up to an hour to the usual time required to achieve a fully charged battery.
  3. bpratt

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    My 240 voltage actually reads 249 volts, but I have never had the problem of charging stopping before the battery was full. When I charge from 2 bars, it takes 2 hours 5 minutes to complete. If the update is going to extend my charge time, I'm going to avoid it.
  4. bpratt

    bpratt Active Member

    I did a much longer drive today with all the Service Bulletins except 097 installed and the car is acting like it should. No problems at all.
  5. bfd

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    Mine threw a low tire pressure warning - they obviously didn't reset TPMS after rotating the tires yesterday. D'oh.
  6. AlAl

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    Not so sure that matters? From what I've read, the TPMS(more like TMS) system in our car is passive, in that the module measures the rotational frequency of each wheel via the ABS sensor, to tell which one might be low on air. Basically, a tire with more air in it will spin slower than the others
  7. KentuckyKen

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    I’ll add one more Service Bulletin to the thread
    17-093 came out in March 2018 and is the new PDI for the Clarity. It mentions all the Clarity specific items to be done pre-delivery such as keeping it charged, installing plugs, proper tire inflation, etc., and has a lot of good information such as checking the Battery Capacity Signal. That should read 55 Ah and warranty replacement is when it hits 36.6 Ah.
    It appears that not many of us got this SB done and got a copy of it.
    Here’s the PDF.

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  8. bfd

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    Thanks to the TSBs posted here - and the unfinished job from earlier in the week - I knew I probably needed to inspect the work done after the service dept replaced the HVAC control unit. While the replacement was working fine, the tech(s) didn't bother to finish the job by replacing the rubber seal around the end cap. Not a minor thing, as I heard a rattle from that side of the car but thought it was probably something in the glove compartment. After looking at the TSB and seeing the work that was supposed to be done (and how) it was clear that they'd failed to finish the job by replacing the seal around the plastic end cap. After receiving one of those "how did we do?" surveys, I let the service department know just how they did. In my book, forgetting to reset TPMS and failing to do the finish work on a repair - while seemingly minor - is just plain old sloppy workmanship. And it leads me to wonder if they did any of the work carefully or correctly… Anyway, since I ultimately get to vote with my wheels, the wheels won't be returning to that service dept. But are any of them trustworthy or reliable ? ? ?
  9. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    Yes, my Ann Arbor Honda dealer's service department is excellent. I extend my condolences that you don't have access to a good one.
  10. MNSteve

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    In somewhat the opposite of "misery loves company", it is nice to hear some praise for a change.

    Off topic, but I took my CRV in today to get the fix applied for that problem that was mentioned here with fuel ending up in the oil. The local dealer proactively called me to set up the visit; it's not an official recall.
  11. Sandroad

    Sandroad Well-Known Member

    So, a quick update on my update for having had the updates done :D

    I'm much happier now. I used the self-check procedure for the climate control unit in the 18-090 pdf and did not get any error codes. (Thanks @Clarity_Newbie ). That convinced me the dealer wasn't going to be able to help, so I did not make a return appt. immediately. In the past 2 weeks of regular Clarity use the climate system has been stable and we have had no additional freezes of the center-stack screen. I remain hopeful that things will stay settled down. It is nice to have the HV range more accurate!
  12. ClarityBill

    ClarityBill Active Member

    So, How do I know which updates have not been installed on my Clarity? Purchased in October, and the HV miles have always been good. I just had my first problems charging with ChargePoint, but was able to restart remotely with HondaLink.
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  13. JustAnotherPoorDriver

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    Yeah. That didn't happen for lots of us. I wonder how many other parts of the PDI were skipped by our dealers...
  14. KentuckyKen

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    From the posts here it’s usually no charging, no underbody plugs, tire pressure not let down from 55 to 36psi, and the Battery Capacity Signal not checked. (On reflection that’s all of them!) And many dealers don’t even know about this SB.
    I got 2 out of the 4 done by the dealer and had to got back for the other 2.
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  15. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    Some posters also reported some kind of goo on the instrument panel. Others suggested the paint be carefully checked for significant defects, possibly introduced by a mis-applied protective coating by the dealer.
  16. Cali65

    Cali65 Member

    Just purchased my 2018 Clarity Plug In last week and forgot to ask dealer about the Service Bulletins.
    Just want to confirm the current Service Bulletins I would ask for are:

    18-089: EVTC & 3-way Valve software update for DTC's P100C, P0010, and P26A3 (this replaces 18-079)
    18-090: 6VT00, EVTC Failure Misdirection PUD
    18-091: Driver Display Software Update (Mileage) (this replaces 18-069)
    18-096: 6CW00, Emissions Warranty CD Product Update
    18-097, charging problems (sensitivity to power fluctuations at public chargers)

    Any missing?
  17. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    I’d add SB 17-093 which is the new Clarity specific predelivery inspection (PDI). It will get you the measurement of the Battery Capacity Signal (55Ah nominal when new) so you’ll know the health of your battery, just in case it sat so long without charging that the battery was damaged. Also has a lot of good owner info in it.
    I’ve attached it for you.

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  18. vicw

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    Thanks KK, for the post of SB 17-093 and your suggestion. I have my first maintenance scheduled next week on the one year anniversary of our purchase. Our Clarity didn't get to sit on the lot (The delivery van driver was still waiting on his delivery signoff when I first looked at my car), and they did a good job prepping the car, but I didn't get a copy of the Battery Capacity reading, and I want to have them include that procedure during the session. I printed out page 1 and 13 of the SB to discuss with him.

    I visited the dealer a couple of days ago, to arrange the appointment, so they hopefully will have the required parts in hand by then.

    I got an email confirmation of the appointment today, and it includes:

    SB 18-089 2018 Clarity PHEV Abnormal Water Temperature Reading PUD
    SB 18-090 2018 Clarity PHEV EVTC Failure Misdetection PUD
    SB 18-091 2018 Clarity PHEV Range Display Incorrect PUD
    SB 18-096 2018 Clarity PHEV Emissions Warranty CD Product Update
    (Their email didn't include the SB numbers, just the descriptions, so I correlated and added the numbers)

    Oddly, they don't show SB 18-097 in their list, and it applies to all VIN numbers, so I plan to discuss that with them also. It looks to be pretty quick and easy, with no parts required.

    Our dealer in Southern Pines has been reliable in the past, and was helpful with our prior 2007 Honda Odyssey, but I don't believe they have sold more than a handful of Claritys, and mine may be the first one that the techs will be operating on, so I am a bit apprehensive, especially with multiple software/firmware/hardware changes in one session.
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  19. vicw

    vicw Active Member Subscriber

    I could be wrong, but I have to believe that the extended charge time should occur only when and if it encounters a marginal power situation, based on the comment in the CUSTOMER NOTIFICATION that: This depends on the power quality in the area, which will affect the charging rate.

    I haven't used a public charger in my first full year of ownership, but if I ever do, I would rather have it run a bit longer, completing the charge, than have the inability to charge problems that others have reported with public chargers.

    Assuming they install the update, I guess I'll find out pretty quickly if has any effect on the charge time using my good old reliable Siemens VersiCharge at home. Even if it does, I almost always have it charge in the middle of the night, so it wouldn't be a big deal for me.
  20. insightman

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    Our Clarity still charges from 2 bars in about 2 hours 5 minutes. I'm guessing (with no way to verify) that the update tells the Clarity to restart charging if its overly sensitive (well, more sensitive than other plug-in cars) power-defect detector halts charging. If the halt-restart cycle occurs multiple times, it would take longer than usual to complete charging. If my suspicion is correct, then longer charging times would occur only if the Clarity detects EVSE power defects, but at least the update would make complete charging possible--EVSEs that do not challenge the Clarity's protection circuits would still charge as quickly as usual.
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